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File 141401033652.jpg - (35.43KB , 350x263 , image.jpg )
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Whoo hoo! Every year this comes up, and it's a blast!

Using chum for fertilizer and compost is not wasting the fish. You're USING the fish. Plus, fish makes a killer fertilizer. go to your home improvement store and you can buy fish compost at a huge premium price. Because it makes for awesome tomatoes and gorgeous roses in the summer after it's turned into nutritious dirt.

I also don't think tis wasteful to throw the carcasses back in the river to harvest the roe. Is it illegal technically? Yes. They recently did a study on the Cedar river, where they found that abundant returns of salmon had a more positive affect on the health of smolt of steelhead than the habitat restoration that they did. The more dead fish in the system, the more food their is, and the healthier the ecosystem.

That being said, when the tribe takes the eggs and throws the rest of the fish in piles, that is wasteful. Like the Skok last year, and I'm sure this year. If they were enterprising, they could market their own "skokomish" brand fertilizer. Selling for cat food probably wouldn't be cost effective with the limited harvest they have, but in Olympia they'd have a great market for organic GMO and chemical free fertilizer, at the coops or other local boutique gardening centers. I bet they could market it to nurseries and other farms as well. Or simply donate it for the good PR that they would get.

Loose eggs are awesome to cure up and tie spawn sacs with. The fish that have loose eggs are NOT edible. Whether commercially harvested or harvested for personal consumption, the appropriate thing to do with those chum is to use them for fertilizer, shark bait, crab bait, octopus bait, shrimp bait, dog and cat food... Cooked up and made into biscuits chum makes a delicious treat for Lady that she can't get enough of. Or, they can be donated to your asian or russian neighbor, because they have ways to cook it that they really like and appreciate.

It is NOT poaching fish when you make fertilizer. The topic should be a bunch of name calling and posturing, it should instead evolve into a productive discussion about what to do with
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>> No. 33883
I leave my 1 wild steelhead per year out in the backyard so the raccoons can feast
>> No. 33885
I can't believe that piece of shit is trying to justify killing chums for fertalizer. I'm gonna make sure he isn't going to be doing so this fall. Fuck him his faggy pavati and his yellow blazer.
>> No. 33886
Another great thread pulled by those chum guzzling queers.

File 141299044996.jpg - (10.77KB , 240x283 , thEBHFRSYD.jpg )
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I'm now the new weekend Moderator, letting you all know that I will be busting any and all problem matic shit stirring fuckers!!! As of now I'm cleaning up FC just the same way I did at Sunnyvalle. I'm banning anyone into the shit tornado to Oz.

You doubt me? TRY ME.
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>> No. 33869
fug... now i have to go to walakes and see it..
>> No. 33870
Just when I thought that nothing could be dumber than Natehook's rampage on the Sumner stolen gear thread, I just read what the other Nate wrote on the WaLakes green river chum/coho thread. He seriously is defending bonking boots for fertilizer. At least I know why he has so many boot pictures on the interwebs, it's like it targets them--for his garden LOLZ!
>> No. 33871
So I was curious. Can you catch salmons just to twiddle your fingers about in them? Ya know do fishes count for beastiality in this state?
>> No. 33882
It is NOT bestiality when you are making fertilizer. Well YES, technically it may be illegal, like burying boot chum in your garden but it's good for the soil and not hurting anything.
>> No. 33884
Your all in the eye of the Shiticane!

File 141368214911.jpg - (798.80KB , 2048x1152 , image.jpg )
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Not a lot of pictures due to my phone running out of batteries. I know excuses excuses but we did get some edible fish but we were out looking to feed our cats, my buddy has a monitor lizard and I feed a lot of my catches to him also. But we had double digit hook ups and lots of doubles on with both the hen and the buck getting plucked off the redd at the same time! Man was it fun! A lot of bronzed fish, but hens for more eggs was awesome. Bonus coho and steelhead were flossed at Stevens Creek, had to work for 'em, but it paid off big time cause I pulled out a snag that had 12 cannonball weights, 13 swivels and 22 hooks so I definitely have enough gear for my next trip. Call me Nate Treat today!!!
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>> No. 33838
We at hog notice the asshole on this fish is distended yet it still appears to be carrying it's eggs. This confuses hog s little. We can only assume this is due to s finger banging post mortem on a pavati. Nate is an intriguing individual. Part retard, part tweaker.
>> No. 33858
I love vanilla pudding. I am curious how do you get your finger in there, I tried last night on a fish at the Asian Supermarket but the manager caught me before I could figure out how to make it work. I might just book a trip with Nate to learn that secret.
>> No. 33874
>> No. 33876
I would bet my father's pearl handle Hardy that this particular fish was kept with eggs in mind. I'm sure the monitor loved it. I once had a semi tame monitor in Australia. I used to feed him rotting chicken some of the other fishermen were using to catch some sort of catfish. They are a most personable unique being.
>> No. 33881
That will make a sweet tomato crop next year. It is NOT poaching fish when you make fertilizer.

File 141400995763.jpg - (9.55KB , 200x135 , unnamed.jpg )
33872 No. 33872 hide quickreply [Reply]
I used to spread chum in my potato garden until I found Nate and mike out there one night defiling my dinner. It was a scene best described as potato porn and now I just buy my veggies at the store.
>> No. 33880
It is NOT bestiality when you are making fertilizer.

File 141391004588.jpg - (188.25KB , 640x640 , coho_patrol.jpg )
33853 No. 33853 hide quickreply [Reply]
The catch from a few days back. Went 6 for 8 and brought home two Chinook and a Coho.
>> No. 33854
Writing critic needs to narrate this picture, love the new style of holding coho. Firm head and tail grasp
>> No. 33875
Ah AJ. I am glad to see you got out with your lady and did some fishing in my absence. I have been in Columbia fishing Dorado, their golden color made me long for the Kings of the Hump with their copper flanks and pale meat. I will first say that this photo has some Nate Treat fishing trip all over it. Why? Well I'll tell you. First this is not a limit because Nate was unsuccessful on getting a limit as he ran out of last year's chum eggs. Not to worry though cause his roses grew strong on all the wasted chum he fertilized them with. You see to grow one's garden with wild salmon is not wasting, It's Tenino boy know how. Anyway, I digress back to the issue at hand. Secondly, the lady's grasp on the silver is both erotic and peculiar all the same. At first I didn't take it all in but despite the grainy computer image I think our damsel has a girl next door smile and a pair of sweater puppies that would get this old hound's rod flexed. I can see she is no stranger to handling a two hander and that to me is alluring I must say. Yes, I would say she is quite pleasing and wearing the only waders a lady should wear. However, I must say I'm disappointed I'm not seeing summer steel and a halter top with the same waders, steamy stuff to be sure. How AJ managed some skirt like that is beyond me. Certainly not his fishing skills but more likely the action of his rod. Well I just can't say anything without sounding like a randy old bastard so I must sign off. You see I've been deep in the Columbian bush for a spell and now that I'm home I would like to curl up with my lady chromer, a warm fire, some scotch, and bit of the Compleat Angler. Thanks for the photo, and good luck to you kids.
>> No. 33877
>> No. 33878
Slow clap...

File 141396020053.jpg - (443.64KB , 1257x1920 , 1412827907252.jpg )
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springer jerry rules! keep on trucking mate.
>> No. 33868
lol wat?

File 141366475298.jpg - (700.13KB , 3264x1840 , todd the rod.jpg )
33827 No. 33827 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Centerpin rod for sale, it used to belong to Todd the Mod until he left it in my boat. This rod and reel are $1200 retail but I'm selling it for 12 cases (thats 24 bottles in each case) of BUSCH LITE tallboys. I also have his kershaw fillet knife, which I'm selling for a quart of whiskey with at least 1/4 of the bottle left and his lunch cooler which I'm selling for 2 pinners.

Send a PM if interested but act fast because Todd the Mod is out on the river right now (probably with Sanchez that mexican eyedoctor or some other dude from pp), and once he gets back and sees this thread, he will probably try and get his gear back.

Pic related, it's Todd the Mod's rod.
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>> No. 33840
I think Todd uses that to jam the tampon in his earth lovin, tree humpin, hippie gf. pic related for education purposes.
>> No. 33841
Now that I have my rod back consider yourself banned ditchpickler!
>> No. 33842
How is kang bite on da tilton? Kingfeva been getting all dem fishes?
>> No. 33843
How is kang bite on da tilton? Kingfeva been getting all dem fishes?
>> No. 33866
No kangs bitten?

File 141382409017.jpg - (152.58KB , 640x640 , caught-on-a-rvrfshr.jpg )
33844 No. 33844 hide quickreply [Reply]
First time back out in months, I work too much! Check out this sweet chromer I caught on a Rvrfshr spinner!
>> No. 33845
That is a fairly sacred stretch of water that doesn't need to be on the net. Good going on the fish but please keep locations like that from being trod upon by assholes. By the way, there is something wrong with your hat.
>> No. 33846
Nice fucking snake asshole. Did you snag that thing off the redd or was it already on it's way back down?
>> No. 33847
WTF are you taking a nate out of the water for? I bet you bonked it too you son of a bitch.
>> No. 33865
Flat bill hat broseph

No. 33848 hide quickreply [Reply]
  Narrator Bruce Greenwood joins First Nations, fishermen, conservationists, and other experts to explain how we can save wild Pacific salmon and eat them, too, by changing the way we fish.
>> No. 33850
Who wants to eat a bunch of boot salmon? I wouldn't even serve that shit at Dirty Burger!
>> No. 33860
Trying to get people to eat spawned out boots is just greasy.
>> No. 33861
Nobody here is going to watch a 17 minute video unless it's a fuck film.

No. 33855 hide quickreply [Reply]
  Best every how to clean Bluegill
>> No. 33856
god fucking christ gtfo willcfish go fuck a boldog.
>> No. 33857
god fucking christ gtfo willcfish go fuck a boldog.

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