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File 144062239624.jpg - (1.00MB , 1077x1734 , 20150826_134722.jpg )
37628 No. 37628 hide quickreply [Reply]
So who then is this goofy fucker?
Didn't he say he was guide while ago?
>> No. 37646
JFC you should hear all the fucking questions he's asking on how to catch a goddamn humpy. Salmon season is here.
>> No. 37647
How do I catch humpie?
>> No. 37648
Maybe he should use a steely bead... since he's steely bead pro staff and all.
>> No. 37649
He's prostaff for anal beads not steelie beads.

No. 37614 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
  Some gay ass motherfucker is plagiarizing Fishchan over at the Facebook.
Great, now this website is going to become even more irrelevant.
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>> No. 37641
Can a brotha get a link?
>> No. 37642
Queerbook.com and search for fishchan.
>> No. 37643
Wow just checked out the group list, what a crew!
>> No. 37644
Won't let me link to Facebook. Just go to Facebook and search for "WA Fishchan"
>> No. 37645
Nothing came in the search results. I don't have a Facebook either.

File 144055785817.jpg - (5.42KB , 152x134 , image.jpg )
37613 No. 37613 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Look who is offering fly trips now. You know you're a quality guide when you're still booking two weeks prior btw. http://www.northwestfishingreports.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=22205
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>> No. 37618
Danny couldn't hold my fucking rod. Don't worry he will strike out swinging and striping or not even try then strap on a float and call it fly fishing.
>> No. 37627
Why have I never seen any women fishing with Danielle or his "buddies" in his photos?
>> No. 37630
He's such a good boy. Always finished his dinner crackers
>> No. 37631
I'm fuckin sick of you fags going homo on my son. It's obvious your obsession with him is gay to the core! You are just jealous that he's the best fisherman of all time!

Get a fuckin life and leave my poor little baby boy alone!
>> No. 37637
Imitation is the worst form of flattery. I have a few open dates in September, call today to get the best dates! If you have ever wanted to get one of those giant skagit kings, September is the time. Mention FISHCHAN to receive 10% off when you and a friend book! FYI, These are catch-and-release trips, (but those fish wouldn't fit in a fish box anyway) LOL!

File 144046985337.jpg - (160.14KB , 1280x960 , 43448_130849411372910000.jpg )
37609 No. 37609 hide quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 37610
Fuk yea!
>> No. 37611
Fuckin hell mate! Even I wouldn't have a go at that. You barmy Yanks are off your rocker.
>> No. 37612
Congratulations, your belly is now full of worms.

File 144039269386.gif - (1.67MB , 200x150 , 1381704547.gif )
37605 No. 37605 hide quickreply [Reply]
I post my catch card is it legal to fish a river for salmon and not have a catch card if I do not keep any salmon
>> No. 37606
You still need one to C&R them.
>> No. 37608
You good Mangs!!!

File 144046448582.jpg - (57.81KB , 174x229 , randy.jpg )
37607 No. 37607 hide quickreply [Reply]
You can reach me 867 5309, and please ask for 'Randy'.

File 143930632920.jpg - (14.10KB , 400x300 , image.jpg )
37569 No. 37569 hide quickreply [Reply]
Still low numbers for summer steel. Fished 3 days and hooked up 3 and lost all three to of course barbless hooks. One fish caught some major sky and was gone, I never even got one tug, not even a little from it. That really pissed me off and the trend continued. Finally broke down and fish the wall and nothing for an evenings fishing and I was wait for it.........FREE DRIFTING.....for once.........I don't even like free drifting, never have. Lets hope there is more to come and I think our top of the line managers are still recycling so should be a few around pic is one of the lured I invented this summer for steelgead. ..........RJ out
>> No. 37570
Nice lure dude.
>> No. 37571
Ah, I see. The problem is that you are retarded, river Jim. Lock it up!
>> No. 37601
Worst summer run ever? More like worst fishing forum poster ever. Amirite?
>> No. 37604
What about that Trollmaster P guy? Maybe that is his son?

File 143922743642.jpg - (186.68KB , 1388x800 , trole2k15.jpg )
37368 No. 37368 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Before i found this wonderful site, full of happy, healthy, moral people , i trolled da uptight fags at Northwest Fishing Reports but you probably don't care. Just click on the damn link!

187 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 37566
Based on that video of him apologizing it really does look like he has a dyslexic problem and/or is slow and probably has a younger mentality.

His parents probably should monitor him better because this could have been MUCH worse for the kid.
>> No. 37567
At least the OP has balls. And I am not referring to the pic of his dick in this thread where his balls are tiny and his dick is playin hide and seek.
>> No. 37568
No screen shots?
>> No. 37602
>And I am not referring to the pic of his dick in this thread where his balls are tiny and his dick is playin hide and seek.

I'm pretty sure that wasn't really his dick or even him posting that.
>> No. 37603
Holy Wiliker's Capitain Obvious! You mean anyone can just post under any name and obvious troll posts are just that?

File 143870892760.jpg - (96.58KB , 640x640 , IMG_11375291.jpg )
37249 No. 37249 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
It was a bad day to be a Salmon yesterday.
4 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 37303
Try Nates Mom she is dtf if you know what I'm sayin.
>> No. 37355
File 143904965617.jpg - (84.69KB , 631x631 , IMG_1889173.jpg )
One from yesterday!
>> No. 37356
Nice fish.
>> No. 37599
File 144025974721.jpg - (71.07KB , 640x640 , IMG_11351746.jpg )
My first fall chinook at Buoy 10.
>> No. 37600
Yasss!!!! That's some dinner bish.

No. 37280 hide quickreply [Reply]
  Went out fishing today got a good one!
>> No. 37281
File 143880101517.jpg - (10.98KB , 200x200 , spottswoode.jpg )
Jazus Titty Fawking Christ! That's one dirty boot!
>> No. 37287
Orygun 20 fo sho.
>> No. 37352
>> No. 37598
It'll smoke up fine

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