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File 142498649227.jpg - (103.29KB , 1136x640 , image.jpg )
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Took a trip with Nate treat. Slow day, but we did bonk one wild, and it was a PIG!
>> No. 35752
Fucking hawg!

File 142492064147.jpg - (132.55KB , 1136x640 , image.jpg )
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The bite at Flowing lake is on. Nate and I killed em!!
>> No. 35745
You aint fit to suck on spoonmans nutz.
>> No. 35748
Spoonman has a snatch. No nuts all clit.
>> No. 35749
Nice fish!

File 142396389881.jpg - (93.99KB , 750x484 , image.jpg )
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ok i'm holding out getting a girlfriend because i know my fishing career would end.
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>> No. 35682
Nice Ass Steely.
>> No. 35730
Here's a good thread
>> No. 35732
Nate is owning that guy. What a douche. Respect fish, let alone carp!!!! What a crock, god put them here for our nourishment and entertainment.
>> No. 35733
Carpe deez nutz.
>> No. 35736
That thread has potential. If I wasn't banned I would give it a little push, kind of like when you teach a child to ride a bike and you let go of the bike. After that you see if the thread glides with grace of crashes and burns.

File 138169376324.jpg - (42.96KB , 273x354 , image.jpg )
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Cheers to the thread that will never die!
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>> No. 35716
File 142450981718.jpg - (49.22KB , 635x391 , image.jpg )
dwatkins went to Oregon and has no affiliation with YBD.
>> No. 35718
Dwatkins is my twin brother. He had the brains and went to Community College. I am basically the genetic waste. I drive a chip truck in Longview. Drink Monarch Vodka and drunk post and text the Admz every Saturday night. Dwatkins is here for the weekend at our parents place. I hate my twin because he gets the ladies while I just fuck Toledo crack whores.
>> No. 35731
That's fucked up Adminz!
>> No. 35734
It was the Brewer, you can tell because how he spelled adminz wrong.
>> No. 35735
File 142480333474.png - (280.90KB , 462x477 , 10947266_1091074554252215_6206946325205108230_n.png )
Fuck this is my jam

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  I paid this group (http://hackerforhire.com/) to shut down washingtonlakes.com for a day and they connected me with 3 guys from China. Those dumb gooks shutdown the wrong site. Now I can't get on washingtonflyfishing.com

I requested my money back but they said no refunds. Just letting people know that you shouldn't trust chink hackers.
>> No. 35613
>Our Hacker For Hire services do not include hacking into a boyfriend's or girlfriend's account, nor hacking into computers, websites, and installing spyware on computers you do not own.

These guys aren't real hackers, real hackers for hire take bitcoin and use .onion sites on the darkweb.
>> No. 35619
Wait a minute ... if Fishchan isn't part of the Dark web I don't know what is...
>> No. 35727
If you want to take down those fishing sites just pay a for-hire DDoS with bitcoin.
>> No. 35728
Download TOR, go to the hidden wiki and hire one of those russian or romanian hackers for bitcoin. DDoS is childs play, it's $250 to hire a real hacker who will destroy the website and for $500 he will destory the person's life (SWATTING, Planting CP, ect).
>> No. 35729
Paker tried to bring the FishChan down. He failed miserably. The Admz and his superior wizardry the Chan is a fortress of shit walls. Basically Paker had to call defeat or no joy.

File 142290696590.jpg - (27.57KB , 250x250 , steelhead-hunter.jpg )
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Ok! So here is my top ten salmon fishing rivers for Washington. Agree or disagree? Let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing your top ten.

1. The Columbia River - The Columbia has the highest Salmon returns in the State with millions of fish coming up that beast every year. Hands down the Columbia is my Number one.

2. The Cowlitz River - The Litz is prime time fishing when it comes to Salmon and Steelhead. The hatchery gets thousands a fish per day in their traps. It's insane the amount of fish that come up that thing.

3. The Skokomish River - The Skoke has been an upper tier fishery since I can remember. Last year, I swear I saw more Chinook in that thing than any of rivers I hit in 2014. Guess what? I hit allot of them well above and beyond this top ten list.

4. The Puyallup River - The Puke almost never disappoints it's hard to lose when they are running hot on the Puyallup.

5. The Nisqually River - After 2014 I almost don't want to put the Nisqually in my top five but the king run started off pretty good but petered out and they closed the thing off. I though for sure the Coho run would have been amazing but is was beyond dead. This year is a Pink year so the NisQ should be a winner but unfortunately I think the Nets will be the ones to decide that in the end.

6. The Snohomish River - The Snohomish is my number six not so much because the Snohomish river by itself is such a great fishery, but the Snohomish river system on the other hand consists of the Skykomish, Wallace and Snoqualime which are all great salmon fishing rivers. This places the Snoho in the upper echelon in my book.

7. The Green (Duwamish) River - Although there are two Green river's in Washington state The Duwamish versus the Cowlitz county. The Duwamish/Green river is the big boy. I must say the Green river in Cowlitz county produces decent Salmon returns as well, but the Green River (Duwamish) offers up a massive Coho return produced by two hatchery's. Overall I think the Green is under rated in many anglers books, but my personal belief is that the Green is a main player in the region.
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>> No. 35722
Moldy chum?
>> No. 35723

Where? Those two are made for each other.
>> No. 35724
On that stupid fuckin post retard put up on wafakes, down towards the bottom after that nigger Seattle pat praised lunker alerts...then everyone else was all like pppffft, ya right!

but then mike was all like let's sing cum-by you and started stocking that fat bears dick.

You know its bad when the retards there are making fun of your site in a unified front
>> No. 35725
They are stocking cocks?!? Where?
>> No. 35726
I think he meant stroking cocks, seems right if we are talking about Washington lakes

File 142346170871.jpg - (4.47KB , 300x199 , thW924G9QR.jpg )
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As anybody knows by now I'm a liberal believing homosexual. I am aloud to run around douche nuzzling the dark side. I have guzzled gallons of Bob/Mod semen to impregnate every dyke in the 523 area code. Twice! I enjoy referring to other dark side posters as fags and queers. So here's the deal, every time I make a homophobic slur or accusation please cut and paste it here. If this get's to 100 C/P I will make a video of giving Hankster a blow job and well deserved rim job.
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>> No. 35601
I agree, leave me out of it. This thread has some serious fag drift.
>> No. 35602
Hey fellas merg's alter ego here. Have you ever wanted to bone ladies but don't have the skills? Well for $9.99 per hour I will coach you and be your wingman. Results guaranteed!
>> No. 35693
I've been up in Victoria hooking Johns. I may run a lawn mowing business but I launder my gay hooking earnings through the L/S Business. I love cock and make a good life.
>> No. 35708
Brewers wife was taken by a union/democrat.
>> No. 35719
Back in Seattle and very glad. Canada really fucking sucks ass. However being a man whore in Canada is way better than Mexico. The last time I got busted man whoring in Mexico I was forced to suck goat and mule cock at a dime circus for retards. Being a liberal I was fine paying my fines.

I'm Banned User and I peaked in Middle School.

File 142394670839.jpg - (30.06KB , 320x240 , image.jpg )
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We are making our very first trip to the OP in two weeks. Leaving Monday night the 23rd and fishing the 24th and 25th. I have one problem. WHERE DO WE GO? Hump, Nooch? Any info is greatly appreciated. Im from Everett in the North end of the state so I don't get over there much if at all.

Fetha Styx Homewater 9'2
Fetha Styx Homewater Steelhead 8'7
Fetha Styx Chrome 10'
Okuma SST 9'

SteelyBeads Pro Staff
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>> No. 35700
What does he even guide for?? planter trout? Or does catching one steelhead make you a guide now? If that's the case someone is holding out on my fishing show, sponsor boat and gas card.
>> No. 35701
>What does he even guide for?? planter trout?

Down river snakes are very popular in the spring months. Your average dipshit rooky don't know any better steelheader. Will flip for a downriver snake.
>> No. 35703
That's a big fucking smelt. The fish gods looketh down.
>> No. 35704
You're neck is for sale on Craigslist, too. You're welcome.
>> No. 35705
But seriouly, it looks like a granddaddy smelt being held by ninja turtle. Yes, I've been drinking. It's fishchan you pussies.

File 142264475019.jpg - (29.62KB , 249x250 , steelhead-hunter.jpg )
35477 No. 35477 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Today I while sitting at my work bench and I decided to get out the fishing gear and give it a good going over. As I was polishing of my rods and oiling up the reels, I couldn't help but think about last year's Salmon season. A few years back, I had heard about this great Chinook fishing spot and it has become my number one go to spot for Kings. As soon as the season opens, I'm running down there every day scoping out the place looking to see if anything is coming up.

Well low and behold one mourning just before sun up, I went down to scout it out. Suddenly the creek came to life, and a bunch of big ole' Kings started splashing and sloshing around after having been spooked from their resting place. My heart started pounding as I realized the run was on. I ran back to my car as fast as I could grabbed my gear and headed toward the mouth of the creek.

I was beautiful. On the first cast Whammy! fish on, then another and another. It happened so fast, I barely had time to revel in the glory. Within 20 Minutes I had my limit. Three beautiful bright Kings, from the top of the run. After I looked up proudly from my catch, I realize that there wasn't a single person in site. I was standing at the top of a huge King Salmon run all alone. There wasn't even one person ask to take my picture with my recently attained trophy's.

For a second I was at a cross roads, You see at that moment and time I had that entire run all to myself. Do I tell anyone, or do I hold off and fish it a couple days before I put the word out? What would you do?


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>> No. 35690
Apparently you've never seen the header picture on my website http://www.lunkersguide.com.
>> No. 35691
No more, no more. I can't stand any more of this fat fuck! I'll tell you everything you need to know about ISIS!
>> No. 35692
Now that you have seen our new breed of infidel terrorist who works for only hotdogs and recognition your time is short on the rivers you love. We ISIS will crush the runs and make allies with the red man and the fat infidel pork eater to benefit the same end. Total destruction and crushing fear under the iron boot of ISIS and Lunkers guide. Hahaha,...mwa hahaha!
>> No. 35696
File 142429253543.jpg - (313.41KB , 1280x956 , image.jpg )
Let's keep to the topic at hand and not bash other web sites, shall we? I know I hate when it happens to this site elsewhere. Thanks.
>> No. 35699
> Let's keep to the topic at hand and not bash other web sites, shall we? I know I hate when it happens to this site elsewhere.

Your average FC troll could care less if this great site gets shit on. Them other sites are real bottom end sites.

File 139759880953.jpg - (456.22KB , 934x871 , 2014-04-15 14_50_58.jpg )
31643 No. 31643 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Watch out for this little bitch on your local rivers or lakes... not hard to recognize. .looks like a crackhead,talks and smells like one too...maybe 100 lbs in waders and vest but he is a born and bred poaching piece if shit the likes of which we haven't seen in nate or Danny for years...
He is also the lil shit popping off to you oregon guys on your little FB page northwest steelhead junkies or whatever..it was a great response to his idiot talk..yal want his address or what his car looks like? Or how about that he will be fishing that certain early hardware opener in the toutle system..you could go play meet and greet and hold him accountable for his shittalking..
Your welcome.
200 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 33399
Bump cause it sucks to get a DR I doesn't it dipshit? How many times did I tell ya?

Have fun getting your mommy or that slot your hangin with to drive you up to the woods to try to bow hunt.

Shittruckin again eh ya fuckin looser.
>> No. 33400
*sucks to get a DUI
>> No. 34176
Is this kid still greasy as he looks? He was down at the skookumchuck jiggin the hatchery pool
>> No. 34637
>> No. 35688

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