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File 142220833729.jpg - (72.17KB , 1564x413 , pp-pre-approving-accounts-now.jpg )
35442 No. 35442 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
This is the bullshit of all bullshits. I just wanted to troll Rich G's bigfoot thread. I bet that faggot Paker won't even approve my account or nothing.
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>> No. 35444
Thanks for reminding me why I shouldn't go back. I hope they don't approve my account. What was I even thinking? Anyways, check out this train wreck of a thread... http://www.piscatorialpursuits.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/919113/You_Retards_wake_up_yet?.html

I was going to reply to Excitable Bob's post (http://www.piscatorialpursuits.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/919683/Excitable_Bob.html#Post919683), as follows:

>Someone must have hacked Rich G's P.P. account and is trolling, this cant be real. Maybe the return of Fish Prince?

If I could come up with bullshit half this good, I'd still be on here trolling.
>> No. 35445
Don't sign back up there, you were doing so well staying off.
>> No. 35446
Redhook is fascinating.
>> No. 35447
I would be fascinated if he got a job.
>> No. 35448
I would be fascinated if Reefer sucked a tail pipe.

No. 35429 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
  I just made up about 200 of these and I am going to sell them for 10 cents a piece so you don't have to make your own. Who is my first customer?
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>> No. 35433
What is up with the fucking videos these days? Every dipshit is doing videos anymore.
>> No. 35435
We practiced these ties on my penis beforehand. Mr. Carey is naked below the waist. Truth be told 2 of these ties are stuck in gringos asshole because they aren't as secure as one would think. I eased my penis in gringos anal opening and once inside of him on the 3rd thrust I creampied his hole losing the ties inside of him when I pulled out. Can't buy that experience at the dollarstore.
>> No. 35437
And I've been spending up to $4 for a package of hair ties every few years. Man I feel like an idiot now!
>> No. 35440
I'll stick with broccoli bands, thanks.
>> No. 35441
I just save valuable time by just chucking my expensive rods in a plastic garbage can. Any dipshit who actually uses a rod rack of any kind has lost touch w/reality.

File 142171891292.jpg - (45.63KB , 261x600 , seahawks.jpg )
35408 No. 35408 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm looking for 2-4 tickets for the superbowl. Send a PM if you have any to sell. Will pay cash or bitcoin. Go HAWKS!!!!
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>> No. 35426
Keep living in those peaked in high school glory days boys. I love super bowl Sunday cause it's one of the only weekends I'll fish. Besides the fucking cable company cut off service to my trailer so I couldn't watch it anyway and I don't have any friends that would want me getting shirt shithouse drunk and polluting their place.
>> No. 35428
What is shirt shit house?
>> No. 35430
Sorry Philly, I mean shirtless shithouse.
>> No. 35434
┬┐what futbol?
>> No. 35439
If I were a terrorist the Superbowl would be my primary target. It represents all that embarrasses me to live in this country. Alas, I am not a terrorist though, just a good Muslim. Sure I want to fuck a Dallas Cowboys and have some bacon, but I can't and won't. Allah will be the judge of all of us in the end.

File 142129089314.jpg - (6.43KB , 259x194 , 2015-01-14-18-53-31--115010364.jpg )
35339 No. 35339 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey yall, Steely Ron here (owner of Steelie Beads) here to announce that I have decided to start selling anal beads to widen my horizon. They'll be available on my website on the 1st of the month. So far 1 have 3 different scents available;1st is Ryan Hung's bung; 2nd is Nate's brown Treat; 3rd is Andrew Moravac's broke back. Take a look and be sure to let me know what ya think. Tight lines and loose boots holes ya'll
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>> No. 35345
why is this turning me on?
>> No. 35346
File 142135886647.jpg - (127.15KB , 700x689 , strigemup.jpg )
I prefer Danny Boy Stonderballs From The Ass of Fire!
>> No. 35347
Makes sense that someone fom WA Lakes would call me out for putting constellation instead of consultation. The only dots you'll connect if u win are the dots of jizz that Ryan leaves on your chin.
>> No. 35354
You could name a scented bead after me and my favorite scent flavor! I'll even donate a case of this scent to the lucky winner!I came up with this scent years ago all on my own too by the way! This scent was also tested and approved by all of us on the Pautzke pro staff!!!



This special scent is ground up of selective ESA listed fish's adipose fins I've poached around the state right under those ignorant WDFW officers noses!

You can't catch me.. I'm like a fart in the wind!
>> No. 35438
You guys are retarded. But I'm turned on.

File 142086990981.jpg - (118.17KB , 467x634 , image.jpg )
35303 No. 35303 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
I don't know if you crackers know me, but I'm Ryan Hung, an expert walk in guide. Every time I fish around young boys I IMMEDIATELY remove my shirt. The youngsters love to see my muscles glisten in the sun off my home waters of the Skykomish, and hey, I'm not one to disappoint!! If they ask to touch my chest, I allow it, but for an extra gratuity...After this young Ginger's kid float went down, I ripped the rod out of his hand and landed this beauty!

He freaked out after we took this picture because he wanted to hold this fish for a photo, but I instructed him he needed to work out harder before I'd let that happen.. girly man..

I also wanted to post this photo of myself to show all you haters out there I'm ripped and would have no problem kicking your ass... Years of working in gay porn have paid off I ain't afraid to wrestle naked with any of you... That is for a simple "consultation" fee...$200 home visits.. boom..
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>> No. 35306
oh please! Does Ryan "Reel" Hung sound like a Gay porn name?
>> No. 35337
>> No. 35355
I know whose writing these messages. Believe me, it's not going to be pretty when I see you next time up on Capitol Hill..
>> No. 35402
Don't pick on Ryan. Ryan taught me everything I know. After pay him $800 for four guided trips, I know its about to happen for me. I'll get my first fish sonnet or later..I had to pay to get my first blow job from a man so theres not much of a difference to me.
>> No. 35436
Wow Ryan! Thank you so much for putting my picture up on your website! My Dad, Danny Bonaduce, couldn't have been prouder when he saw this photo. Just to let you know, I have been following the workout regiment you suggested and man am I getting pumped! I really love your work out program but I am still trying to master your suggested (3ea.) assfuckings per day. It's difficult to take that much cock and I've noticed a burning sensation when I take shits. I might have to higher you again for a home seminar so you can teach me your tricks on taking that much cock in a single day. My poop shoot is your playground! Looking forward to seeing your muscles and your little tiny dick!

Forever yours,

File 142187710489.jpg - (24.47KB , 300x450 , 1.jpg )
35427 No. 35427 hide quickreply [Reply]

File 142171836913.jpg - (279.58KB , 1573x775 , superfly-is-done.jpg )
35406 No. 35406 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
>I have been doing alot of thinking and alot of talking with people that I know well and trust and am happy to call friends above all else and I am pretty sure that I have came to the conclusion that after april 15th 0f 2015 I am going to call it quits on this whole guiding thing...... I will say this that over the years I have met some outstanding people, Been in some crazy situations, had a few knock down drag out brawls.......But most of all caught a shitload of fish with a ton of great clients that most of which have become much better friends over the years then anything else......some of you may wonder why I am doing this at age 50 ? well I will tell you why, I am just pretty much disgusted at what this industry has become. Its a shell of its former self......when you book a trip now with someone off of facebook or craigslist or groupon or what have you you have no idea what your going to get. You might get a young dude with a really cool looking boat and lots of stickers on it and his lifted truck yet he has only been rowing a driftboat for a year or two and most of his fishing knowledge comes from youtube or other internet fishing sites. He did not grow up walking the stream banks as I and many other guides my age did and most of these youngsters are not proficient and or safe in rowing there boat down the river with customers in it...................yet since they spend the money on advertising, spend countless hours on facebook and the internet and take hundreds of hours of video they will get more of the unsuspecting customers then the guys of my era.....and yet at the end of there trip they will wonder what happened and why...

Read More:

6 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 35414
File 142179303075.jpg - (179.50KB , 692x680 , image.jpg )
Looks like the winds of shit has struck yet again in the Manbearpig Estate.

Ah well.. There's always a shuttle service to run ManBearPig....Open your eyes, I'm a dickhead in disguise
>> No. 35415
Joe's heart is in the right place. He just has a substance abuse/not very smart/I'm a victim problem.
He is quite entertaining if you can just sit back and watch.
>> No. 35417
Seems obvious to me that Joe is getting ripped off by his wife and her meth smoking kids. Joe is so ignorant that he can't see it's a inside job.

The winds of shit never stop blowing in his head.
>> No. 35419
I bet it is that good for nothing minifly, jake.
>> No. 35422
Even though I quit guiding, I still will fish for pills!

No. 35418 hide quickreply [Reply]
  Ask me any question and I will answer it for $1000 U.S. Dollars.

File 142110303289.jpg - (36.91KB , 635x398 , charlie_v1.jpg )
35348 No. 35348 hide quickreply [Reply]
vive la france
>> No. 35349
Cool story, bro.
>> No. 35404

File 142163830176.jpg - (129.01KB , 768x1024 , 26008_130660105636830000.jpg )
35392 No. 35392 hide quickreply [Reply]
What beats hogs in the sun?

Catching every second of it on Camera!

+1 for the GO PRO HERO!
>> No. 35393
I know Springer Jerry he hates go pros and posting pics of darkies.
>> No. 35394
The gopro on the chest makes you look like a faggot.
>> No. 35398
More like a navy seal meets fishing assassin..... Like a bionic ninja gaiden meets contra on Broadway at 2:00am with a strap on and two latex gloves fool
>> No. 35403
Navy Seal meets fish assasin?

More like video game player meets his Mom in a Bukake video.

Nothing like giving uiur Mom a pearl necklace while filming it with your Gay Pro

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