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File 140918366092.gif - (22.17KB , 320x240 , daffy.gif )
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I nominate Todd's gf for the ice bucket challenge.
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>> No. 33679
Do you even know how the ice bucket challenge works? You are supposed to be challenged by someone who pours ice water on themselves and only then are you allowed to challenge someone else.
>> No. 33680
Super important clarification, Anon.
>> No. 33681

YGOS? Think about a tshirt that is wet and what is under the tshirt.
>> No. 33687
Is it boobs?
>> No. 33692
Faggot stole my gif

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  Somewhere on the Willamette...

File 141209941918.jpg - (1.15MB , 2667x1771 , dungeness-crabs-in-a-crab-trap.jpg )
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Most marine areas of Puget Sound will reopen for recreational crab fishing Oct. 1, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) announced today.

The openings were approved by fishery managers after summer catch assessments by WDFW indicated more crab are available for harvest, said Rich Childers, shellfish manager for the department.

Waters reopening to sport crabbing Oct. 1 at 8 a.m. include marine areas 4 (Neah Bay), 5 (Sekiu), 6 (eastern Strait of Juan de Fuca), 7 (San Juan Islands), 8-1 (Deception Pass, Hope Island, and Skagit Bay), 8-2 (Port Susan and Port Gardner), 9 (Admiralty Inlet), 12 (Hood Canal), and 13 (South Puget Sound).

In each area, crabbing will be allowed seven days a week through Dec. 31.

Sport crabbing will not reopen at this time in marine areas 10 (Seattle/Bremerton Area) and 11 (Tacoma-Vashon Island).

The daily catch limit in Puget Sound is five Dungeness crab, males only, in hard-shell condition with a minimum carapace width of 6¼ inches. In addition, fishers may catch six red rock crab of either sex per day, provided those crab measure at least 5 inches across. Additional information is available on WDFW’s website at http://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/shellfish/crab/.

All Dungeness crab caught in the late-season fishery must be recorded on winter catch cards, which are valid through Dec. 31. Winter cards – free to those with crab endorsements – are available at license vendors across the state.

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>> No. 33689
I've reported the crabs I caught from Nate's Mom to the DOH.
>> No. 33690
I've reported the crabs I got from ODH's mom to ODH.

File 140842247688.jpg - (119.93KB , 640x640 , firstsilver2014.jpg )
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First trip to the river this season and first puke report of the year. Still waiting for the nookies to show up? But, broke the ice for fall silvers this year already, so not bad. Let the slaying begin!
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>> No. 33670

Most all my shits are bigger than that smolt. I do however give the ounces too, but only when it's trophy status.
>> No. 33671
Do you eat a lot of cheese?
>> No. 33673
Mostly pf Chang's. The good stuff.
>> No. 33683
File 141201942060.jpg - (42.21KB , 504x379 , night.jpg )
Got me some of that night chrome! 3.5lb Silver hen last night.
>> No. 33686
File 141205094954.jpg - (21.87KB , 472x315 , 10689747_721559457923768_9140468246621760053_n.jpg )
Flossinator, stay at Wa.hunting where them fags except you!

File 140967420184.jpg - (366.99KB , 736x699 , crab.jpg )
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Report your Puget Sound Summer Crab catch by the end of the month to avoid a $10 fine on next years license.

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>> No. 33392
Cool story, bro.
>> No. 33663
>> No. 33664
Fuck off and die Andrew.
>> No. 33684
Hey fishing writing critic, I caught crabs from Nate's Mom. Is that where you got them too?
>> No. 33685
I wish I could get crabs from someone...

File 140934632352.jpg - (18.01KB , 333x250 , wdfw-violation.jpg )
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People fishing without a license or other minor fishing violations are not being prosecuted in Snohomish County. The Snohomish County Prosecutor's Office has told wildlife officers it will no longer prosecute second degree recreational fishing crimes.

That includes violations such as fishing in closed areas, violating limits, illegally hooking, failure to record catches, etc… Everett Fishing Store owner John Martinis reviewed dozens of cases rejected by the Prosecutor's Office and said it's a decision that can lead to serious problems for salmon and crab...

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>> No. 33273
Looks like I'm heading North to fish. Been looking for another river to shit up now that the Skok is dying down.
>> No. 33275
Ybd, that's exactly why HOG is. Born of the negligent wdfw, and the apathy of the state. The river is ours, we must protect it one ass kicking at a time.
>> No. 33276
Too bad they don't do this in Skokomish County but still, I'll be fishing the Snohomish now for sure.
>> No. 33280
The Skokomish is in Mason county you idiot! There is no Skokomish county ya fucking toolshed.
>> No. 33682
Anybody know any good spots in Snohomish county?

File 141200844292.jpg - (87.06KB , 227x250 , salmon.jpg )
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Allowing juvenile salmon to grow up a little more before venturing into the dangerous ocean is the goal of a new $1.5 million restoration project in the Skokomish River estuary.

The work will restore at least 17 tidal channels in the river’s delta, along with filling a bunch of old gravel pits that tend to disrupt salmon migration, according to Rich Geiger, engineer for Mason Conservation District.

The project, approved for $464,000 in state funds, was endorsed by the Salmon Recovery Funding Board, along with 27 other Puget Sound projects that will receive a total of $25 million...


File 141200836969.jpg - (36.03KB , 250x168 , sealion.jpg )
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Wildlife managers have used fireworks, traps, rubber buckshot and even underwater percussion devices to keep sea lions away from snacking on endangered salmon in the Northwest.

In an analysis released Sept. 16, the Corps reported sea lions gobbled up more than 4,700 salmonids near the dam from Jan. 1 to May 31, about 2.1 percent of the overall run.

That is up from 2,954 in 2013, though it is slightly below the record consumption years of 2008-2010.

The loss prompted the Corps to call for the removal by trapping or lethal means of about 30 California sea lions, compared with the 15 captured this year by crews in Washington and Oregon...


File 141200826396.jpg - (10.53KB , 172x250 , kapowsin.jpg )
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A proposal to create a Lake Kapowsin Aquatic Reserve will be the topic of an open house Thursday.

At the meeting, staff from the state Department of Natural Resources will give an overview of the aquatic reserve program and the proposal for state-owned aquatic lands at the lake.

After the presentation, the public will be able to offer ideas or concerns about the location of the proposed reserve; share information about lake history, wildlife activities and habitats in the area; and discuss ideas about agency management of such a reserve.

Lake Kapowsin is an undeveloped Puget lowland lake, about 4 miles south of Graham. The 490-acre lake has a unique submerged cedar forest, created about 500 years ago when the Electron Mudflow surged down Mount Rainier and dammed Kapowsin Creek, according to a department news release. The lake serves as habitat for fish and other water-dependent species...

Read more here: http://www.thenewstribune.com/2014/09/27/3393187_state-considers-creating-lake.html?rh=1#storylink=cpy

File 141200806320.jpg - (75.82KB , 600x400 , 600_400_0_SouthForkHohRiver-13.jpg )
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Action: Closes the Hoh River from Morgan's Crossing boat launch upstream to the Olympic National Park boundary and the South Fork Hoh River outside Olympic National Park to all fishing.
Effective date: 12:01 a.m. Sept. 29 through Oct. 15, 2014.
Species affected: All species.
Location: Hoh River, from Morgan's Crossing boat launch upstream about 7 river miles to the Olympic National Park boundary, and the South Fork Hoh River outside the Park.
Reason for action: Returns of spring/summer chinook to the Hoh River have been low for several years, and escapements have consistently been below the floor escapement goal. This closure is needed to protect these chinook as they stage and spawn in the upper Hoh River. This stock is generally finished spawning by mid-October. The Olympic National Park has closed the Hoh River to fishing within the Park through Oct. 15. However, the coastal strip portion of the Park remains open with the remainder of the Hoh River below Morgan's Crossing boat launch...


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