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File 143865497142.png - (265.90KB , 1830x903 , fishes.png )
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Nice payback on 8chan you guys did

Almost 100% of threads are fish

>> No. 37247
File 143865504445.jpg - (9.71KB , 480x360 , fish.jpg )
And remember, masterchan is your ally
>> No. 37248
Wtf is an 8chan

File 143864472823.jpg - (5.37KB , 117x110 , Tws1.jpg )
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I'm surely hoping the Puke season will revive this place.

Maybe somebody can take EvoHook and share with us the day.

File 143450529458.jpg - (56.59KB , 440x294 , image.jpg )
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What's the cheapest humpy lure?
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>> No. 36647
Sup Fishchan. I haven't spoken to many of you in a while and hope all my friends on fishchan are doing well. As I crack open a 40 of Icehouse, I thought I might impart a few words of advice from a guy living in a van. Here are a few tricks-of-the-trade I've picked up in my travels for living on the cheap. I hope they can be of some assistance. None of these tips are guaranteed to work 100% of the time, and this is not a guidebook; merely helpful suggestions from my ramblings across the rivers.

#1) Scrounging - You can pick up hooks, corkies and yarn out of the trees year round but to be a real pro, go in the summer when the rivers are low and pick all the junk of snags. You can get lures, plugs and even yard line out of the river. With the money you saved you can buy a pack of Newport Menthols. Even better you can package up packs of corkies and plugs and sell them on ebay or on the classified areas of fishing forums. You'd be suprised how fast a ziplock bag full of corkies turns into a 40oz in yer hand.

#2) Groundscoring. Sligtly less legit from scrounging but if you dropped it, or your back is turned it's fair game. Keep your eyes peeled on the ground at all times looking. Tackle, knives, MP3 players, jewelery (even a single earring), watches, even hats and clothing (if you clean it right) found on the river can be sold off to anyone willing to buy. I've even found half smoked cigarettes and cigars! Lots of guys leave rods and tackle boxes on the river behind them when they are fishing, walk off with one.

#3) Shoplifting. Even if places have cameras, they only review them if they know they got robbed. So be discreet and pocket tackle and gear. Even if they catch you, all the big stores have no chase policies so just run for it. I've only gotten caught once at REI, where I was cornered and couldn't run. They didn't even call the cops, just took my ID and banned me from the store and said I'd get trespassing if I ever came back. I steal from 3 Rivers Marine, Cabelas, Sportsmans Warehouse and SportCo all the time and have never gotten caught.

well, at this point my 40 oz is gone. i hope some of
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>> No. 36660
You are a fucking scumbag.
>> No. 37242
Hard to go cheaper than yarnball.
>> No. 37243
>> No. 37244
This site is so lame. I'm amazed at its inactivity. I'm outta here.

File 143706638289.jpg - (56.21KB , 632x469 , IMG_097253870932463.jpg )
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I might as well start one up. I heard a rumor they will be closing the Skok down this year. They say it's to protect fish in low warm water but we really know that it is the tribe behind this, they are always trying to get us off the water.
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>> No. 37233
File 143797301693.jpg - (8.75KB , 176x144 , image.jpg )
It's a waste of gas. Found a ton of fish, but it was a two minute limit today, on pinks. By the letter of the law, pinks are open, and you must keep the first two fish you hook. And the pinks are lying all up around those kings. And I know everyone on here is law abiding and won't try to cull them out when it's against the law... Sucks.
>> No. 37234
Nice try Nate but the skok doesn't get pinks.
>> No. 37235
Whatever Nate, I high grade all day. Trick is to leave them alive on the stringer. When you get a better one just let the other fish go. Totally works and completely legal.
>> No. 37240
Law abiding and skok should never be in the same sentence, Nate.
>> No. 37241
Pinks make great garden fertilizer, just like chum!

File 143812252145.png - (51.34KB , 338x288 , autism.png )
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You realize the faggots who raid you are from Masterchan, right?
>> No. 37239
File 143812676552.jpg - (32.58KB , 500x375 , roomful.jpg )

File 143097484117.jpg - (112.63KB , 510x734 , image.jpg )
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Just wanted to let all you ShitStarters know I'm back on the liquor and I've had a few drinkiepoos tonight! I've left the BoBanster and have been titty fucking this guys for three days straight. Sorry RandyBobandy... But this greasy fuck has some flabby man titties that taste like Krispy Kreme donuts and Coffee Crisps. He likes the white liquor and smelling my underwear while he writes Lunker alerts.

I think I'm in Love Rand-O.... And that's not the liquor talking
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>> No. 36558
Oh like I or we give a fuck, it's a part of life and you should get used to it.
Lord knows the bitch will come outta "retirement" if YOU can swindle a buck off of her.
I stand by my previous post. Bitch made wannabe
>> No. 37187
I'd fucking love it if I could find a girl with a fully functioning vagina, and a normal looking, full sized cock. bigger than mine even, 8 inches. and you bet I'd fucking suck her cock, I'd fucking blow her and dock with her and let her pound my ass.

I'd lick her feet while she humiliates me telling me my 7 inch cock is smaller than a girl's
>> No. 37193
Does a strap on count cause I bet snyder would hook you up buddy, he could even text you when to come over!
>> No. 37237
Who says drinkiepoos?
>> No. 37238
Hello Masterchan, nice pasta

File 143518540182.jpg - (102.29KB , 637x477 , shad.jpg )
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went shadding with friend yesturday 3 for 7 kang and 50 shad fishing was good
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>> No. 37139
That kids eyes are more slanted than ODH's.
>> No. 37143
C'mon guys!! Don't hate..! That's my 1/2 brother you're talking about.... At least I think... is it considered 1/2 brother if my mom had him with her brother? Oh, and leave ODH alone too! Trust me.. his brown worm tastes a lot better than Ryan Hung's
>> No. 37148
Retards will tard.
>> No. 37205
#columbia #shad #bonneville #dam #lookatmyhashtagsbrah #notits #chinook #salmon #sittinginthesun #tardlife #cantstoptalking #hashtagsaresocool #fishing #report #lookatmeimhashtagging
>> No. 37212
Hunter shelton is suuuuuch a faggot

File 143535955545.jpg - (3.62KB , 125x125 , 57085833.jpg )
37141 No. 37141 hide quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 37142
lost it
>> No. 37211

File 143720630725.jpg - (16.88KB , 290x395 , 11754283_857892324298324_6629215183499086148_n.jpg )
37200 No. 37200 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Well it looks like yets again PP found a away to gets blown upz. onez ofths the grates! PP lost a greatz trollzz.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 37202
PP's DS, has become a stagnate shit hole of cock suckers and wannabe ITGs. DS has become a den of boring topics and limp wristed replies. DS is a skeleton of it's once self. The only retard who still thinks PP is relevant anymore is the retarded sheriff Paker. All the other Mods have walked away. BB seems to have the mindset that PP is his red headed stepchild that just won't die.
>> No. 37203
I heard that he will be back under another acronym.
>> No. 37204
Shit moths! A pandemic of shit moths!

FP needs to drink the Roc Vodka.
>> No. 37208
File 143735048958.jpg - (25.77KB , 480x344 , 10702001_694900847264140_8311477241085723241_n.jpg )
On the house FP!
>> No. 37209
Blowin up huge yo!

File 143326640054.jpg - (130.59KB , 640x640 , bobberdown.jpg )
36565 No. 36565 hide quickreply [Reply]
Had a great steelhead opener today! Fished Reiter Ponds up on the Skykomish River. Caught the first one on bobber and jig and the second drifting a corkie. Lots of people but also lots of fish.
>> No. 36566
File 143326654358.jpg - (190.87KB , 640x640 , limitsbynoon.jpg )
Limited out by noon!
>> No. 36586
File 143370417068.jpg - (70.35KB , 633x529 , steelhat.jpg )
32-35 inch steelhat caught at Ben Howard on the Skykomish river.
>> No. 36591
Lunker alert!!
Hot off the presses, my contacts told me there are a bunch of steelhead in the Skykomish.
Mass texts are going out right now, check your phones!
>> No. 37206
#skykomish #steelhead #sky #summerrun #lookatmyhashtagsbrah #notits #reiter #ponds #hatchery #cantstoptalking #hashtagsaresocool #fishing #lunker #lookatmeimhashtagging

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