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File 139759880953.jpg - (456.22KB , 934x871 , 2014-04-15 14_50_58.jpg )
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Watch out for this little bitch on your local rivers or lakes... not hard to recognize. .looks like a crackhead,talks and smells like one too...maybe 100 lbs in waders and vest but he is a born and bred poaching piece if shit the likes of which we haven't seen in nate or Danny for years...
He is also the lil shit popping off to you oregon guys on your little FB page northwest steelhead junkies or whatever..it was a great response to his idiot talk..yal want his address or what his car looks like? Or how about that he will be fishing that certain early hardware opener in the toutle system..you could go play meet and greet and hold him accountable for his shittalking..
Your welcome.
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>> No. 32684
Unless I send you one, which I just did,PMs are for fags, fag.
>> No. 32686
My PM box is full daily with greasy PMs! I keep it full because it's funny seeing the flashing icon of Jake/Reefer getting splattered!
>> No. 32692
Well, for one, this guy is a fag, and a huge one at that. Like suckin on a whole bag of dicks just soooaked in cum son!!
>> No. 32705
Hey ehren I hear your pretty good with the long leader, get ahold of me I'm starting an outfitter business and could hook you up with a pavati if you work with me
>> No. 32706
Ur a total tool nate but i gotta warn ya, that little fucker has already destroyed one guides business and he ain't pulled his head outta his ass yet so I imagine more fun on the boatsie shittruck is just around the corner

File 140682464647.jpg - (85.63KB , 423x750 , id1514399_chickenman.jpg )
32693 No. 32693 hide quickreply [Reply]
I was just kicked out of my secret honey hole for no reason at all. Feels bad man.
>> No. 32696
At least nobody will be guiding there in some shitty pavati.
>> No. 32699
File 140684007611.jpg - (23.93KB , 305x225 , 107744a.jpg )
At least he is still letting me fish there, sucks to be you chicken man!
>> No. 32701
cluck cluck BITCH!
>> No. 32703
Hey boot flossing pavati rowing douchebag guide here, I can get you access to this site, we just have to go before it gets light, if you know what I mean. I still have some seats open for next week. Give me a call if you want to catch some fish.

Boot Flossing Pavati Rowing Douchebag Guide
Boot Flossing Pavati Rowing Douchebag Guide Service, http://bootflossingpavatirowingdouchebagguide.com

File 140659675711.jpg - (289.00KB , 667x1024 , 2014-PSA-POSTER-lowres-667x1024.jpg )
32663 No. 32663 hide quickreply [Reply]
Over $25,000 Cash and merchandise to be won at South King County PSA Derby

In addition to over $6,500 in cash, top quality tackle and merchandise will be won by anglers out to at least 50th place. Prizes include Scotty and Cannon Electric Downriggers, Trolling motor, Rivers West Kokanee Jacket, Smokers, Guided Fishing Trips lots of top quality Rods, Reels and tackle. If you don’t catch a fish you can still win. Ticket holder drawing for great prizes at the Awards Ceremony.

>> No. 32698
I know a certain boot flossing pavati rowing douchebag guide who won't be winning this for sure.
>> No. 32702
Hey boot flossing pavati rowing douchebag guide here, I still have some seats open for next week. Give me a call if you want to catch some fish.

Boot Flossing Pavati Rowing Douchebag Guide
Boot Flossing Pavati Rowing Douchebag Guide Service, http://bootflossingpavatirowingdouchebagguide.com

File 140682797446.jpg - (21.36KB , 220x229 , image.jpg )
32694 No. 32694 hide quickreply [Reply]
That Trent guy sure is an idiot
>> No. 32697
Trent is a fucking moron, is he Nate's real father did the dog beat him over the fence?
>> No. 32700
Trent is a boner holster just like the rest of the gayfishing crew.

File 140683116263.jpg - (11.14KB , 240x180 , Skaha_Lake.jpg )
32695 No. 32695 hide quickreply [Reply]
Upper Columbia River sockeye salmon that have amazed in recent years with record returns to the Okanogan River system now have more room to roam with new access to an area where potentially more fish can rear, and keep those adult returns strong. An inexpensive fix made early this summer at the dam controlling Skaha Lake on the Okanagan River in southeastern British Columbia is expected to allow more fish to reach the lake and potentially spawn upstream, and give their young as much as four times the space now available to grow.

The cost of the fix? About $2,500, according to Chris Fisher, a fisheries biologist with the Colville Confederated Tribes. “After years of looking at the outlet of an inactivated fishway at Skaha Lake dam and collectively shaking our heads, yesterday several 4 x 4 non-treated posts were cut, set, and wedged, creating 5 step pools,” Fisher said in a June 10 e-mail to the Bonneville Power Administration’s Joe Peone...


File 140659425211.jpg - (27.36KB , 175x234 , 3167.jpg )
32658 No. 32658 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
What a fuckin whack job here from a grade a douchebagget out trying to make a name for him and his guide service
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>> No. 32681
I have zero issues with Merg. Merg is a good guy and fishes ethically.

His hair though is just greasy!
>> No. 32682
Ethically eh? Wasn't he busted for fishing my local hatchery outlet creek? Him and his other buddies
>> No. 32683
But not snagging or flossing.

But yea greasy.
>> No. 32687
It was totally open. You guys are gay. I learned a new word, rope sucker, that's what you guys are.
>> No. 32691
Umm buddy before you running around like a child calling everyone gay and this and that let's be rinsed who does their hair before every photo and has those nice bejeweled pants to show off their ass. Not to mention all the "look at me" type of selfies that let me tell ya fagg, a real man just shouldn't do.
So really. Whose the fag? Fag

File 139224391588.jpg - (32.57KB , 400x400 , attention.jpg )
30888 No. 30888 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Netsout.com has a Trust Score of 62%


Just to put things in perspective, fishchan.com has a 100% trust rating and I wouldn't trust this place at all.


Fishchan.com is 38% more trustworthy than Netsout.com
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>> No. 32678
I think it's time that the story about rob's crappie came out.
>> No. 32685
Please tell...
>> No. 32688
Someone who knows the story better than me should make a thread about it.
>> No. 32689
All the information isn't needed to start a thread here. Just fill in the blanks with what you think happened.
>> No. 32690
My information is second hand and I don't even have the pic of the fucking crappie. Someone who saw what happened told me a pretty good story about it and should post it. *nudge*nudge*

File 14057159351.jpg - (7.76KB , 300x168 , image.jpg )
32564 No. 32564 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
We fished with Nate today and it was horrible.
15 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 32594
This is not fake.
>> No. 32595
It's not fake, Nate's Mom told me all about it last night when I was raw dogging her.
>> No. 32597
You guys better cease and desist. Sure Zach has aids and sucks more rope than Hoover and Nate is busy shooting smack. Mike may run an illegal boy fucking ring, but I'm here to defend them and tell you that we will press charges. By the way I have photos of Zach masterbating while mike fingers his ear holes. I'll sell them for the right price.
>> No. 32608
I heard all about this. Nate ran out of eggs mid float and had em fishing yarn for Chinook. They should have thrown him out of his own boat.
>> No. 32674
How's that lawsuit coming Nate?

File 140659719766.jpg - (157.02KB , 1488x1086 , salmon derby - large.jpg )
32665 No. 32665 hide quickreply [Reply]
The first-place prize is $1,000. Fish must be caught between dawn and 4 p.m. in marine areas 11 and 13. Fish can be weighed at Swantown or Zittel's. The awards ceremony will be at 6 p.m. at Swantown Marina.


File 140659695760.jpg - (99.14KB , 525x813 , 2014-Poster.jpg )
32664 No. 32664 hide quickreply [Reply]
This is the 19th edition of the Gig Harbor Puget Sound Angler Chapter's derby, paying $3,000 to the first place winner.
Derby fish must be caught from daylight to 2 p.m. in marine area 11 and 13. Fish can be weighed at Point Defiance or Narrows Marina. There will be a BBQ and awards ceremony at Point Defiance.


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