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File 140932978787.jpg - (77.54KB , 414x607 , firststeelhead.jpg )
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Caught my first steelhead, side drifting the Cowlitz, only took me 17 years. Fish on!
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>> No. 33561
That will be enough of that guys.
>> No. 33562
Loves the episode where Danny said to him "shoot, dog!" It was great.
>> No. 33563
You have to be a real shitbag to watch HQ!
>> No. 33565
We tried to do with danny s. But he didn't have his permits in order.
>> No. 33571
File 141109147188.jpg - (154.98KB , 640x640 , kangz.jpg )
I put da chromerz on da bank today.

File 141102363389.jpg - (174.89KB , 1388x896 , image.jpg )
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The picture from the link shows where i fished.

I fished in the 112th St this morning but no luck. I use the drift setup in the current, but got snagged a few times. I didn't see any fish in that area when the tide is low. However, on the other side of the bank, I see so many fish jumping, but there is no current. So i used bobber setup, but also no luck.

What are the recommend setup for beginner to fish in water with little to no current? I never caught any salmon in my life
>> No. 33566
For still water I use spinners, twitching jigs or spoons in that order. The #4 Blue Fox Spinner with a blue body is a classic you can't go wrong with. For twitching jigs use 1/2 oz to 3/5 oz jig in pink.
>> No. 33567
Check out my site, it's full of real swell NFO and home to the greatest guides in the pnw. Washingtonlakes.com
>> No. 33568
DiBando - I would recommend booking a trip with a Guide for a River Bank lesson in how to properly target, approach and limit out in this fishery. Not only will this guide give you a tackle consultation with technical instruction, he will also show you several other productive spots that are very exclusive and held as a secret with professional guides. As an added bonus every trip he guides is filmed with a minimum of three GoPros from various angles and for an added fee he offers audio narration and a well written essay of the adventure for use on his Blog. I could name other Guides that are less likely to produce results but that would be a conflict of interest and most don't have any skills with a Camera.

If you do choose to do this alone I would suggest being careful because there is a Group patrolling this area called "HOG" and had this guide not been a MMA fighter they would have tried to harass me for accidentally snagging fish.

Either way, GOOD luck and TIGHT LINES!
>> No. 33569
Wow my local river. I have caught countless numbers of salmon in that river. Give me a call and I will get you into some fish.
Ryan is a great guy, but he does not know the river like I do
Here is my website
>> No. 33570
But he does suck a dick as good as you nate, and the hope continues

File 140842247688.jpg - (119.93KB , 640x640 , firstsilver2014.jpg )
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First trip to the river this season and first puke report of the year. Still waiting for the nookies to show up? But, broke the ice for fall silvers this year already, so not bad. Let the slaying begin!
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>> No. 33524
Why should I watch 5 minutes of hooksets to see you floss one boot?
>> No. 33526
It was like watching a gay-mexican porn with all the cork gripping tan-handers Tell your bro I said "sweet vest".
>> No. 33527
  We killen em mang.
>> No. 33552
File 141088615478.jpg - (153.11KB , 640x640 , IMG-09185195.jpg )
Last nights haul. Do u even fish brah?
>> No. 33557
Fuck you McGill. Flossing faggot.

File 141082935583.jpg - (244.46KB , 857x1143 , hgbfg.jpg )
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wtf is this world comming to?http://hunting-washington.com/smf/index.php/topic,160480.0.html
>> No. 33551
3 pages of drama over one innocuous post, well done odh... <slow clap>
>> No. 33554
This guy has been spamming my site for a while now. Him and his fucking tounge out. I'd like to cut that thing out.
>> No. 33555
The convenience of the ODH tongue can only be appreciated when after a guy takes a dump and ODH is nearby. You saddle your ass up to his face and he licks your ass clean!
>> No. 33556
He's probably some loud blow hard on the river.

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  Catching and releasing a skamania strain steelhead. The water temperature was around 56 degrees so the fish sway away perfectly fine and healthy. Caught on a spawn sac under a float. Recorded using a GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition camera.
>> No. 33553
I always put my hands in the gills of fish I'm going to release.

File 141088446563.jpg - (754.47KB , 1905x1211 , basspro.jpg )
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The newest major entries to the Tacoma retail scene — a large sporting-goods emporium and a national crafts retailer — have announced their opening dates.

Tacoma’s two major and long-awaited fall premieres will both feature giveaways, snacks and opening-day bargains.

The Tacoma store will be the company’s sixth in Western Washington.

• Look for giveaways including gift cards, tackle boxes, mugs and keychains when Bass Pro Shops opens its first Washington location Oct. 23.

The opening will be preceded by an “Evening of Conservation” featuring representatives from conservation groups including Ducks Unlimited, Quails Forever and the National Wild Turkey Federation.

Read more here: http://www.thenewstribune.com/2014/09/15/3381383_hobby-lobby-and-bass-pro-shops.html?sp=/99/289/&rh=1#storylink=cpy

File 141082839141.jpg - (158.17KB , 640x640 , traditional.jpg )
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This is how the Quinault Nation people cut the salmon to cook outside next to the camp fire. We use alder and sometime cedar or fruit woods when doing so.

First fillet the salmon, butterfly style, removing the spine but leaving the salmon in one piece.
>> No. 33519
File 141082848846.jpg - (174.89KB , 640x640 , traditional2.jpg )
Season with salt and pepper, then take 6 small sticks and one large stick.
>> No. 33520
File 141082851157.jpg - (177.15KB , 640x640 , traditional3.jpg )
Take a hatchet and split the large stick partway, put 3 small sticks on one side and 3 smalls stick on the other side of the fillet while you slide it in the slit.
>> No. 33521
File 141082856610.jpg - (245.70KB , 640x640 , traditional4.jpg )
Place stick in ground near campfire with the skin side towards the fire. Keep the fire smouldering for several hours to a day, until fish is done.
>> No. 33525
Oh. Red Man make big fire. Cook Fish Long time. Fish Good. Then Ill take my new 21 foot Sled out and rape every fucking river in the state with Gillnets. Native Pride?

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  Our trip to Alaska from 19 July until 27 July 2014!

Gone fishing on Kenai River to caught some Sockeye Salmon!

File 140941774849.jpg - (66.84KB , 443x602 , lewisriversteel.jpg )
33289 No. 33289 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm 4-2 on the steelhead this year so far. Hooked 6 and landed 4. Pretty stoked on this one tho, had to trek through a bunch of sticker bushes and get wet for this guy. Good times.
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>> No. 33306
What about a flat brim hat and no giant earlobes?
>> No. 33316
Flat brims are for dorks.
>> No. 33320
Nothing wrong with flat brims and ear holes. But those bitches are fucking huge!
>> No. 33333
Every time I see a guy with those idiot holes in their ears. I want to snap on of those super heavy duty Master locks through the ear hole!
>> No. 33516
File 141082731547.jpg - (115.77KB , 608x609 , summersteelhead.jpg )
Twelve pound summer steelhead caught kayak fishing in the lower Lewis River.

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  20 million sockeye salmon are returning into the Fraser River in 2014! In this video feature we are right in the middle of the action! We join Bon Chovy Fishing Charters in Vancouver at the Fraser River mouth, trolling for thousands of sockeye salmon which are staging for the right tide before their river migration. The action is jam packed, it is a sockeye salmon bonanza!

Bon Chovy Fishing Charters

Gibbs-Delta Tackle

For more fishing video clips, please visit: http://www.fishingwithrod.com

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