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File 139759880953.jpg - (456.22KB , 934x871 , 2014-04-15 14_50_58.jpg )
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Watch out for this little bitch on your local rivers or lakes... not hard to recognize. .looks like a crackhead,talks and smells like one too...maybe 100 lbs in waders and vest but he is a born and bred poaching piece if shit the likes of which we haven't seen in nate or Danny for years...
He is also the lil shit popping off to you oregon guys on your little FB page northwest steelhead junkies or whatever..it was a great response to his idiot talk..yal want his address or what his car looks like? Or how about that he will be fishing that certain early hardware opener in the toutle system..you could go play meet and greet and hold him accountable for his shittalking..
Your welcome.
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>> No. 31653
Know that idiot. He was temping for us over here at Setinas, we had to stick on the drill press to not fuck shit up but that just made him slow. Talked about a lot of stupid shit
>> No. 31674
Pretty sure you can here all the hens still squawking over on the FB page, or scroll way down till you see a goober holding a dark steelie.if it has 60+comments then grab some coffee and prepare to laugh till you bleed...
I saw his posts and was just like shit. .there's a good reason to not have kids...or adopt any in his case ;)
>> No. 31676
That guy looks like a real shit apple!
>> No. 31678
that is all
>> No. 31681
You can tell the guy is a bitch as soon as you see how he spells his name.

File 13971906002.jpg - (1.08MB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )
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>> No. 31635
that's a stupid thread.
>> No. 31667
>that's a stupid thread.

Any thread started by ODH is a stupid thread. He's obviously a attention whore that uses BBs to scratch his infected ass.
>> No. 31680
That's true, any thread involving ODH is fucking stupid because ODH is, in fact, fucking stupid.

File 139761238329.jpg - (43.49KB , 800x451 , cow321.jpg )
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I'm putting together a camping trip on the Cowlitz this summer. I talked to Salmonfinder today, he is thinking June. Anyone else in? Drunken Hookup? Anyone?
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>> No. 31671

being that they don't work im guessing any weekend in june should suffice.
>> No. 31672
Your forgetting about court appearances, prison sentences and court enforced child visitation days.
>> No. 31673
Can I bring my girlfriend and her best friend? Her girlfriend is hot.
>> No. 31677
yes you can bring your left and right hands, dave
>> No. 31679
I'm in fellas

File 138886400550.jpg - (79.14KB , 250x250 , Haterade.jpg )
30226 No. 30226 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm fed up with people. You guys need to stop drinking the haterade and leave Nate Treat, Danny Stonedahl, Mike Carey, Steelhead360 and the rest of the WashingtonLakes crew alone. Please don't bash on people who are just trying to help others catch fish. All those bad things said about them are false. Quit being miserable folks, go catch some fish and be happy its only fishing quit being so angry.
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>> No. 30289
i posted it Nate. come at me bitch.
>> No. 30297
I gotz video of treats windows getting punched...anyone want to see it?
>> No. 30306
fuck yes! but run down to a public computer to upload, otherwise he will IP trace you and Sue you or something, whatever his rant was about
>> No. 30307
or just use a proxy, nt is full of shit
>> No. 31675
You guys should be nice to danny. He's a good boy!

File 139757692674.jpg - (10.60KB , 270x186 , indexfffffffffff.jpg )
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U better watch your back next time on the rivers
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>> No. 31660
nates mom does line off my cack
>> No. 31663
Who is SF? Stonefish?
>> No. 31664
>> No. 31665
SF is Salmonfinder
>> No. 31666
Duh its me bitches! The man who can cast a 25' leader

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  A 1st person point of view steelhead caught on a customized Rvrfshr spoon. I love fishing hardware for steelhead. They just annihilate the lure.

No. 31644 hide quickreply [Reply]
  Bill McMillian discusses the Chambers Creek stock and why it adversely effects wild steelhead steelhead in Washington State.

File 139673746241.jpg - (88.45KB , 564x600 , image.jpg )
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Skook has been on fire! Ive been feeding the neighborhood cats with my catch it's lots of fun
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>> No. 31630
hale to the master!!
>> No. 31631
skook is a good place for the bonker. hope he grows a bit and learns.
>> No. 31634
hey guys, we got a skagit season. check out my site and book fast. these dates are going to fill for this short season.
>> No. 31636
That fucking retard kid is mine. I banged his mother at a shopping mall circus. She banged me for a gram of moldy $8 mall dope.
>> No. 31642
Looks as restarted as NATE......

File 139633324624.gif - (4.97KB , 65x80 , 82728628046c922f96e051.gif )
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Hello my name is Ken Jones, I am the author of the book Pier Fishing in California and owner of pierfishing.com. This is a cease desist post of your false reports (trolling) and harassment of my members. Any further action will result in this website's owner being sued for defamation and unauthorized computer access.


Reason: sucking too much cock, being from cali and suspected of pedophilia
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>> No. 31574
Did you digitally notarize that motherfucker?
>> No. 31579
File 139637993341.jpg - (834.96KB , 1972x892 , californian.jpg )
>> No. 31613
You failed to reference homosexual hankster in your picture, fag.
>> No. 31615
Fuck you ken. I'll say whatever the Fuck i want. you all are,trying to catch eels in Frisco you fags.
>> No. 31632
I maintain my site so little douches like yourself cannot post on my precious site.

File 139631781772.jpg - (51.27KB , 960x960 , untitled 3.jpg )
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The day started out "promising". We showed up at the lake around 7:40 am and got on the water before 8. It was overcast with some small breaks of blue skies. The water temp was 50 degrees. We targeted high percentage area which mainly consisted of trees, lay downs, docks with deep water access, etc. We flipped jigs, throw swimjigs, various swimbaits, spinnerbaits, etc and couldn't buy a bite. I even broke out the spinning rod to throw a 7" wacky rigged BPS sticko but absolutely nothing. The worst part was when my alberto knot joining my 65 lb braid to 25 lb mono leader snapped mid cast and I ended up with the nastiest backlash ever! I lost my Dirty Jigs Swimjig and half a spool of brand new 65 lb Power Pro. Then the wind picked up and in a matter of seconds it was gusting 15-20+ mph. Even on full blast with the trolling motor we were being pushed back so we were forced off the lake.

We then packed up and decided to go check out another lake that may be more sheltered from the wind. We arrive and there is wind but nowhere near as bad as the first lake. It looked very manageable so we launched. No more than 2 minutes after we start fishing, the wind picked up and it was ugly. We had some gusts that were as bad as the previous lake but for the most part it was slightly more manageable.

I was getting used to the stiffness of 20 lb fluorocarbon that I was using for the first time and had a small birds nest. As I was picking it out, the wind picked up and the line got caught in the trolling motor. I was extremely angry that I just lost half a spool of brand new 20 lb P-Line 100% Fluorocarbon. This added to my frustration since I now lost a LOT of brand new fluorocarbon and braid!

But things made a turn for the better! I flipped at the corner of a dock, let my jig sink. Started to work it back to the boat when I suddenly felt an increase in line tension. I set the hook hard and fish on! Immediately my rod doubled over and nearly stopped in place during the hook set. I instantly knew that I had an absolute giant on the line! I begin fighting the fish and watch as my drag that is set pretty darn tight is peeling out. This fish is pulling hard and giving me one
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 31599
I fucked his mom so hard thats why his eyes are slanted.
>> No. 31620
That was my great grandma you fucked black mamba cock
>> No. 31624
bass fishing is for retards and kids. have fun pretending you are some nascar asshole.
>> No. 31628
He has to pretend because he could never see to drive with those slanty eyes
>> No. 31629
That's why chinamen make such shitty drivers

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