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File 143264621322.jpg - (273.61KB , 1280x1024 , image.jpg )
36519 No. 36519 hide quickreply [Reply]
A bought a new Pungi and look what it caught!
>> No. 36520
Managed to slip this kept in as part of my trout limit. Love me some lake loopholes.
>> No. 36521
Managed to slip this kept in as part of my trout limit. Love me some lake loopholes.
>> No. 36528
I'm a poacher

File 143097484117.jpg - (112.63KB , 510x734 , image.jpg )
36424 No. 36424 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Just wanted to let all you ShitStarters know I'm back on the liquor and I've had a few drinkiepoos tonight! I've left the BoBanster and have been titty fucking this guys for three days straight. Sorry RandyBobandy... But this greasy fuck has some flabby man titties that taste like Krispy Kreme donuts and Coffee Crisps. He likes the white liquor and smelling my underwear while he writes Lunker alerts.

I think I'm in Love Rand-O.... And that's not the liquor talking
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>> No. 36433
Dave's not here man.
>> No. 36438
What's wrong with a few drinkipoos?
>> No. 36525
It's amazing you guys are still all bent out of shape over my website. I thought for sure you would have Horton over it by now. It's been over a month since I've been on the Chan and you clowns are still trolling. Unlike some people on this site I actually work for a living. I'm sure you guys will be happy to hear I have fired up 16 more websites all dedicated to helping people find the best fishing spots in the state.
>> No. 36526
Haha you fat fuck you had to dive wayyyyy back into the Chan to dredge up your post? Whoa, someone apparently needs a pat on the back.
Hold on let me wip my dick out
>> No. 36527
Only 16, you fucking slacker why not 20? How's the Alexa rating on those you hack. What kinda "work" was it that you do again?

I mean, besides the obvious.

File 143268089574.jpg - (48.04KB , 405x720 , 11181806_795761017188868_6952372027895816988_n.jpg )
36522 No. 36522 hide quickreply [Reply]
Sup Bitches
>> No. 36523
Thatz alot ov humpties
>> No. 36524
Very nice.

File 143248085181.jpg - (96.86KB , 720x960 , Facebook-20150524-080949.jpg )
36516 No. 36516 hide quickreply [Reply]
Picked up this beauty today
>> No. 36517
Did you buy it from ODH?
>> No. 36518
not putting a stratic on that rod is a crime. Why go with a paper weight reel?

File 143230696857.png - (79.82KB , 495x348 , 20150521_211507.png )
36512 No. 36512 hide quickreply [Reply]
Hunter I saw your new line, get in touch with me I'd love to rep your new jigs!
>> No. 36513
Isn't Hunter the partially Down syndrome looking lard ass kid from walakes?
>> No. 36514
I'm hooked!
>> No. 36515
That lure doesn't work, all I caught on it was skyguy.

File 143178705535.jpg - (15.47KB , 250x250 , ambiguously_gay_duo_t_shirt_adult.jpg )
36504 No. 36504 hide quickreply [Reply]
Both of you fuckin fanny bandits should get a room, but yal look cute in your matching outfits.
>> No. 36505
Nate treat and big B johnson
>> No. 36507
What's ambiguous about Treat?
>> No. 36509
>> No. 36510
Solid read 10/10
>> No. 36511
Can't take this pillow biting topic seriously without a hunter shelton, Odh, or ty Wyatt reference, fuck even a jerid doering sparkle butt tight pants would even do

File 143148842363.jpg - (116.55KB , 579x819 , image.jpg )
36483 No. 36483 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
If any of you punk faggot waste of space pussies want to say this crap to my face and handle it. Get in touch.
I am a humble fisherman and here is proof, I got skunked today and took it like a man.
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>> No. 36492
Looks like everyone has it out for this pussy !!
>> No. 36497
Could we please lay off the gay bashing!
>> No. 36502
Nate you know where we will be this weekend if you want that ass handed to you pedophile !!
>> No. 36503
Oh fuck you brandon Johnson you piece of shit. Anytime, anywhere you see me just come up and try.
>> No. 36506
Think we're witnessing a lifelong friendship developing here. It's heartwarming.

File 141982419438.jpg - (49.05KB , 676x450 , man-fishing.jpg )
35179 No. 35179 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
What ever happened to Offdahook? I haven't seen a post from him on any forum in a long time.
16 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 36476
>>35179 spotted him down in a van by the river
>> No. 36479
Offdahook is now hiding on Facebook as Alvin Wong !! Its to bad he is such a bitch that he had to make a fake profile to clown on people . I heard he is bout to get that ass whooped if he keeps talking bout a certain crew
>> No. 36499
  man FUCK crews...
>> No. 36500
  man FUCK crews...
>> No. 36501
Da fuq?

File 143160972434.jpg - (45.98KB , 400x400 , image.jpg )
36494 No. 36494 hide quickreply [Reply]
I wonder why he takes people's money for trips when there's no fish? Maybe there is fish but Nate Treat just sucks at his job.
>> No. 36495
Thanks for hot spotting the op and chehalis basin Nate.
>> No. 36496
I wonder what Angry Loc has to say about this.
>> No. 36498
I like how he is letting the tail breathe.

File 143155247364.jpg - (98.19KB , 632x470 , kangz.jpg )
36493 No. 36493 hide quickreply [Reply]
This is why I do


This is why I don't

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