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File 144381686570.jpg - (47.71KB , 395x395 , BJ.jpg )
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Look at this super bright chinook I got! so nice. I let it lay in a garbage bag for awhile then took it to the local park and had a photo with it, Right after I got gang fucked by the slay em beads crew.
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>> No. 37916
Your almost a bigger faggot than him Richard, just almost
>> No. 37917
I don't think so buttface! God hates fags! I had no idea that guy was homosexually oriented. I rescind my other comment. I most certainly am not gay! I prefer my line and my butthole tight and my rod bent till I'm married.
>> No. 37918
Mr. Denham, I watch all of your videos and have learned much thank you. What are y doing on a low life scum site like this? You're too pure of heart to be perusing this shitfest.
>> No. 37919
We've all got sins. Sometimes I beat off to the strangest stuff. You know like plug videos, my own videos, and most content on walakes. Holy moley I'm frustrated and confused. I've used smelly jelly for years as a lubricant.
>> No. 37920
Yeah baby!

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  A bunch of buddies and I took a trip with Ocean Sportfishing charters on the ranger boat and had a blast slaying the Rock bass. It was super windy, trust me for those with sensitive ears you should thank me for adding music...
>> No. 37673
Nice Ugly Stick dude.
>> No. 37914
>> No. 37915
Horrible soundtrack and lame, what fun is it to pull up those thing on such a heavy rod, and some of the smallest I have seen too!
Take a trout rod next time for Christ's sake

File 14439824805.jpg - (89.22KB , 640x640 , IMG_11375290.jpg )
37912 No. 37912 hide quickreply [Reply]
Picked up this sweet chromer on the Cow.

File 144365238829.jpg - (62.86KB , 510x637 , glo-ballin.jpg )
37898 No. 37898 hide quickreply [Reply]
Picked up this kingalingadingdong at Blue Creek last night.
>> No. 37901
That's a Shoug Tule! Good troll.
>> No. 37902
Hey Dicksmoker.. You were at the mouth of the Toutle hooking kings in the ass...

Asshole, you ain't foolin...
>> No. 37903
Was the rest of the "flunkies crew" there too?

File 144350156772.jpg - (118.78KB , 733x549 , image.jpg )
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Rumor has it Danny has a possible girlfriend.
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>> No. 37893
I'd hit it!
>> No. 37894
He immediately received cooties and had to wash it off with cock.
>> No. 37896
I would respect him more if he fished less and chased women like a normal human male but hate to say it, that girl is like 13.
>> No. 37897
Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed.
>> No. 37900
Donnie Iris.

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  We are incredibly excited to be showing a special short edit of our new production "The Search For Meaning" tonight at Seattle Wild Rivers Night, hosted by The Mountaineers. ​ This event is also hosted by American Rivers, American Whitewater, Northwest Rafting Company, Save Our Wild Salmon, Washington Water Trust, Washington Wild, Wild Washington Rivers, and Wildwater River Guides. In support of the integral role our watersheds play in all of the wild places we love to play and in recognition of our human-powered community that gets out on these waterways. The Search for Meaning is the culmination of over five years of swimming and documenting fish in the Pacific Northwest as captured by gopro and Russ Ricketts of col_chuck / river_snorkeling . Here is a sneak peak.....


File 143870892760.jpg - (96.58KB , 640x640 , IMG_11375291.jpg )
37249 No. 37249 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
It was a bad day to be a Salmon yesterday.
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>> No. 37356
Nice fish.
>> No. 37599
File 144025974721.jpg - (71.07KB , 640x640 , IMG_11351746.jpg )
My first fall chinook at Buoy 10.
>> No. 37600
Yasss!!!! That's some dinner bish.
>> No. 37884
  A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work. Fall fishing Buoy 10.
>> No. 37895
Nothing like another pointless video.

File 144121072616.jpg - (67.57KB , 480x480 , woot-woot.jpg )
37667 No. 37667 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Caught this nice king salmon in the Nisqually using bobber and egg. Woot woot!
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>> No. 37885
File 144348398616.jpg - (108.00KB , 640x640 , 25lb-coho.jpg )
First coho ever 25lb. Fuck yeah!
>> No. 37886
^^^^ Typical Orygone weight estimate.
>> No. 37887
That's badass!
>> No. 37888
Native king. Shouldn't be out of the water.
>> No. 37889
Hey fuck you dude! You're a retard, gtfo my post punkass!

File 143706638289.jpg - (56.21KB , 632x469 , IMG_097253870932463.jpg )
37194 No. 37194 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
I might as well start one up. I heard a rumor they will be closing the Skok down this year. They say it's to protect fish in low warm water but we really know that it is the tribe behind this, they are always trying to get us off the water.
69 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 37728
On the skok, yes. In the grand scheme, no. Fact is some folks are playing checkers, some chess. Most of you will play checkers your whole life.
>> No. 37729
I wasn't on the skok and he went back to back then hit 2 more inside an hour.
He was a cool guy though
>> No. 37730
If it was Brandon Johnson he would Instagram it and claim elite. Some of you idiots really need to learn to fish. You are far from all around anglers as that retard states. Take lpj of the guide service that bears his name. He catches a steelhead with a Fly rod rigged with a bead under a float and proudly proclaims his first fly caught steelhead. He likely still hasn't caught one fly fishing. Like I say checkers and chess. When are some of you fucks going to learn. Now stay the fuck off my water cause you're stinking up the place with your shit, litter, and loud mouths.
>> No. 37752
I like to shit in the skok
>> No. 37883
File 144348284842.jpg - (108.84KB , 634x517 , pink.jpg )
Some fun facts about this picture: I have a sprained thumb so while holding it the fish was squirming and fucked my thumb up more and i was pissed about my thumb so i threw the fish halfway across the river.

File 144289656830.jpg - (201.66KB , 622x833 , image.jpg )
37837 No. 37837 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Spread the word. Back and reloaded with new sponsors and events.
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>> No. 37862
I'll be in Mike Careys tent with Gringo "hanging out". We're going to show up the night before so we get a good spot. Gringo might bring his pontoon too.
>> No. 37863
I'll be in Todd~Mods tent. Lord have mercy on me if he starts talking excessively.
>> No. 37869
Everybody knows that the REAL whatcom creek pros don't sleep in tents...the mission is 2 blocks down. Scrounged cigarette butts are super short within this area, but cans of four loco are available across the street at the shell station!
>> No. 37870
Nothing gets your head humming faster or harder than a $3 can of four loco
>> No. 37882
I'm going to win this shit!

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