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File 139759880953.jpg - (456.22KB , 934x871 , 2014-04-15 14_50_58.jpg )
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Watch out for this little bitch on your local rivers or lakes... not hard to recognize. .looks like a crackhead,talks and smells like one too...maybe 100 lbs in waders and vest but he is a born and bred poaching piece if shit the likes of which we haven't seen in nate or Danny for years...
He is also the lil shit popping off to you oregon guys on your little FB page northwest steelhead junkies or whatever..it was a great response to his idiot talk..yal want his address or what his car looks like? Or how about that he will be fishing that certain early hardware opener in the toutle system..you could go play meet and greet and hold him accountable for his shittalking..
Your welcome.
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>> No. 32628
I'm actually right down the road from the bitchs pad fishing a neighborhood lake.. saw that he kicked in his back windows on the taurus..been hitting that bottle again kid?
>> No. 32629
>Awe fuck it Lorenzo, if they are on the skok they deserve to be gased. Death to all

I agree.
>> No. 32630
Hey man not everyone snags or flosses there..i only bobber fish a couple holes because they are the only non infested spots..plenty of legal ethical fisherman there..don't take it out on us..wdfw is already doing a good job of that because of how they have to.manage if for those assholes like boastie...
>> No. 32632
Just carry a gas mask then. It will thin the crowd and help you too. Besides nothing turns the bite on like mustard gas.
>> No. 32633
File 140624129951.gif - (29.23KB , 197x281 , hitler.gif )
I've got some Zyklon B that you can use. They will nazi that coming.

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  Please check out our movie !HAHA its all a learning process. Starting to really enjoy doing this though. thanks and enjoy ‪#‎WUNLIFE‬
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>> No. 32555
This guy is raven dung. What a whale dick. Seems he could use a good sweat lodge and a nice squaw to charm his serpent.
>> No. 32568
"Raven dung." Haha
>> No. 32613
Still waiting on ya tornow. Let's fight you fucking small town country hick. I've been training with the best lately cause I can afford it you broke ass welfare case. All you country bumkins are lazy as fuck.
>> No. 32615
And yet you still haven't picked a time and place to take on "the champ"

Balls in your court fuckface..? Eek you anywhere halfway..oly or shit let's just meet down that the nisqually. .army guys always like to watch sissy pansy city folk get learned
>> No. 32631
Diaz/cook you fucked up on your sign should be

File 140606827369.png - (417.14KB , 566x318 , skokomish-river-fishing.png )
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Who is pumped up for this year on the Skok? I'm already tying up some leaders with black corkies!
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>> No. 32618
Oregon snaggers come to Washington.
>> No. 32619
All the snaggers from Oregon are quite simple to pic out. All their cars and trucks are slathered with OREGON DUCKS stickers! Yellow and green equals full blown trailer trash snagger!
>> No. 32620
Sorry you couldnt afford to go to Oregon there Randy, and I don't know if Oregonians go to Wa, Oregon seems to have better fisheries
>> No. 32622
Well if Oregon has better fisheries explain all the Oregon vehicles from the Klickitat to the North Fork of the Lewis?
>> No. 32624
I've been walking down to the mouth and wacking the shit out of them for the last 2 weeks.

File 14057159351.jpg - (7.76KB , 300x168 , image.jpg )
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We fished with Nate today and it was horrible.
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>> No. 32593
N.T. is just a greasy bitch.
>> No. 32594
This is not fake.
>> No. 32595
It's not fake, Nate's Mom told me all about it last night when I was raw dogging her.
>> No. 32597
You guys better cease and desist. Sure Zach has aids and sucks more rope than Hoover and Nate is busy shooting smack. Mike may run an illegal boy fucking ring, but I'm here to defend them and tell you that we will press charges. By the way I have photos of Zach masterbating while mike fingers his ear holes. I'll sell them for the right price.
>> No. 32608
I heard all about this. Nate ran out of eggs mid float and had em fishing yarn for Chinook. They should have thrown him out of his own boat.

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  DIY how to instruction on making a Crab snare rig. Cut bait holder with monofilament snares around it. Gulf or Florida Coast this is better than a crab pot.

File 140587613273.png - (564.02KB , 791x588 , nb1000crc.png )
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Hey guys, don't report your catch for summer kings this year, it just gives the tribal fishermen more fish to gillnet. If you even write it down at all, don't send in your CRC, especially if it is full of fish. Most of the time they don't even fine you (if you buy your license in april before the CRC deadline), and even if they do the $10 is worth it.

Pic related, it's nb1000's CRC, you can go ahead and send that one in buddy.
>> No. 32581
They actually don't fine you for it at all no matter when you buy your license. 50% of fisherman don't turn them in. If you are in the 10% that catches all fish, make sure you are in the 50% that doesn't.
>> No. 32582
I don't buy licenses or CRCs, that shits for faggots.

File 140588094455.jpg - (25.42KB , 297x297 , cop kick ass.jpg )
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Ive been dealing with addicions since I was 14

File 140563429941.jpg - (22.09KB , 375x250 , wenatchee-fire.jpg )
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OLYMPIA - Anglers are advised that all roads are currently closed to Lake Wenatchee, where a popular sockeye salmon fishery is set to open Saturday (July 19). With several wildfires burning in the area, state officials have closed U.S. Highway 2 east of Stevens Pass as well as Old State Route 209 ("Chumstick Road") between Leavenworth and the lake.

Washington State Parks has also closed entry to Lake Wenatchee State Park, the site of the primary boat launch on the lake. "The sockeye fishery will open as scheduled, but anglers may have to wait for a few days to get to it," said Jeff Korth, regional fish manager for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. "We strongly advise they check reports on fire and road conditions before they head out."

Sources of that information include:

Fire Status: http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/3937/
Road Closures: http://www.wsdot.com/traffic/trafficalerts/default.aspx
Lake Wenatchee State Park: http://www.parks.wa.gov/AlertCenter.aspx?AID=167

Information on the upcoming sockeye fishery is available on WDFW's website at http://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/regulations/.


File 140554972465.jpg - (33.46KB , 389x395 , 10341681_10152420911119916_4007307034641512149_n.jpg )
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Todd~Mod, Ryley and all the frequent ball suckers from PP and other BBs will not be going north to fuck with Canada's wild steelheads. These fawkers are greasier than Randy but more sweaty. Still worse than Sam Losco the caveman. These cock suckers are now forced to fish along side the greasiest and bloody douche ODH on the Cowlitz tossing Oregon made spoons during the 0'thirty hours at the Blue Creek crackpipe!

Serves these queers right for fucking themselves over with a sandy dry lube!!!
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>> No. 32550
Todd is a epic POS. Any Liberal shitass deserves to be turned back from the Canadian Border. Your average Canadian has more balls than Todd the Mod.
>> No. 32551
Your average Canadian has more balls in his mouth than Todd because Canadians are fags, fag.
>> No. 32554
>Canadians are fags

Fuck off got work to go!
>> No. 32556
We are trying to keep Todd out. He is corrupting our youth with his gay ways.
>> No. 32557
This sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me!

File 140556792536.png - (148.45KB , 250x334 , noaa.png )
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Full Doc:




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