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File 141903128170.jpg - (8.34KB , 206x244 , 18.jpg )
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File 141462601948.jpg - (1.60MB , 3264x1836 , 1414625981735.jpg )
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Anyone hear of the big impending bust of a local very well known guide?

It seems the dipshit took the Pautzke bait boys out to the Cowlitz recently and they killed a number of wild coho because the "guide" in question said it was okay and legal to do so.
Maybe you guys saw the posting about this on walakes? Or whatever site it was on.

Funny thing is...the guide said it was a mistake and apologized BUT upon reviewing further evidence one finds that all the fish were marked on the cards as HATCHERY fish not wild...again at the behest of the guide.

Sounds like he is gonna have to give up the nice big black sled and may loose his liscense as it seems wdfw wants to nail him to the wall, making an example if him.

Couldn't have happened to a bigger tool.
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Yet another great addition to the site! bahaha
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Z man, care for an exclusive! Live with me Wayne Gale!
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File 141901285796.jpg - (7.85KB , 160x211 , 1380458_655869034523708_7609550818330808270_n.jpg )
Only if you can take of a problem Im having. I went to the doc and got the cone of shame.
>> No. 35087
Can't help you there. Perhaps merg could help you in a LIVE EXCLUSIVE, with me Wayne Gale!
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Todays forecast, partly cloudy with a 90% chance of humility

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  I was told people here were being rude to my Uncle and so I wanted to see for myself. He basically taught me everything I know about Fish, I have even been awarded at school for it!!! Check out my video.

Anyways when I got here I saw his face dancing around my screen so I figured you must worship him like I do. Pretty Cool Website, I am glad to see he is making an impact on other people too!!!

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  Well since moving to Alaska from WA, I don't have as much to contribute to this board. But I know many fish Alaska so I hope you will excuse my annual shameless selfish promotion of kayak fishing not only in general but here in Alaska.

A highlight video is in the works and will be released soon, but here are two silly trailers for the video that I slapped together using the iMovie trailer templates. Makes the upcoming video look better than it probably is. Don't take them too seriously. lol.

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  Part 2

File 141876402081.jpg - (94.28KB , 611x480 , 20lb-silver.jpg )
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I had an epic season on the Skookumchuck this year. I slayed the silvers and caught this 20lber.

Bloodbath pics to follow!
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Awful young to be this pathetic already kid but something tells me your parents gave you a head start. Must be that smug, ignorant look you have holding up those snagged boots. Yeah that must be it, well done. If i was your dad i'd punch myself in the dick.
>> No. 35040
This is your average retarded pics of a 15 year old. KK's kids are very stupid!
>> No. 35047
Fuck all you haters, these fish all smoked up just fine!
>> No. 35054
Any average 15 year old tard claims to smoke up boot fish just fine. The true fact of the matter is the flavor is shit!
>> No. 35070
Aren't silvers supposed to be silver?

File 141884586931.jpg - (185.26KB , 640x280 , Cowlitz Clippers.jpg )
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Hey, kinda new to the forum.

A couple of buddies and I went out with good Ol' Swanny, needless to say we had an absolute blast!
>> No. 35059
This is fake, don't believe it.

Black guys are scared to death of the water, they would all be wearing life vests in real life.
>> No. 35065
The clippers don't give a fuck about life jackets, or adipose fins for that matter.

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  OP December Hawg, fishing with getmdry guide service.

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>> No. 35034
Dude tokilz dont talk about naselle river. If u want steelhead go to bogichiel with me and my crew. I been slayin em on beads. And my home made jigs.
>> No. 35035
can I use a cork float that has been up my ass if i fish the naselle? heard it is loaded and I know first hand that jerid dumbring has been on naselle hooking up 50 plus fish. Tokilz rubin you are a snagger bro and a poacher but you can slide your dick in my mouth.
>> No. 35042
Do I need to wear a hood or beanie on the boat or is ot just for photos? Thanks.
>> No. 35044
Could I interest Jerid and Jared in an exclusive? The world wants to know about the gayest guides in the biz, other than JP. Tell your story live with me Wayne Gale. The world awaits with cock baited breath. Tell all in this one time only exclusive. The penetration, the pageantry, the first gay couple of fishing LIVE, in this tell all exclusive event.
>> No. 35064
Hey guys, Ryan Hung here. My first anal intrusion happened magically when I fished with Mike Carey. But that is neither here nor there. I'd like to be part of this guide on guide or guide in guide. Make my mom and dad proud. 2 wongs make it white.

File 141410637041.jpg - (41.45KB , 441x331 , poaching.jpg )
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While patrolling the Tahuya River last week, Officer Summit focused his attention on the upper portion of the river where the water has been very low, creating optimal conditions for “snagging” – an illegal and unsporting harvest method that involves tearing into the flesh of a passing fish with a large hook on the end of a weighted line.

Heading into the area on foot, Officer Summit checked a trail camera installed in the area and saw that three subjects had headed up river earlier, but had not yet returned. Officer Summit positioned himself strategically and waited. About a half an hour later the three subjects returned from the portion of river that is closed to salmon fishing carrying fishing poles rigged with gear for salmon fishing. They claimed they were catching and releasing fish, but with clear water conditions and very nice salmon in the upper reaches, Officer Summit thought this scenario was highly unlikely. He instructed one subject to open his backpack for inspection. The subject became very nervous and attempted to conceal the contents multiple times, unzipping the same compartment repeatedly. Officer Summit persisted, and the subject finally opened the pack to reveal three one-gallon freezer bags full of fresh salmon roe. Officer Summit instructed the three subjects to return to the river and retrieve the salmon carcasses from which the eggs had been removed. The subjects were able to collect 16 of the 20 Coho salmon carcasses that they had discarded in the woods and log jams.

While the subjects claimed they were avid steelhead anglers and were only using the roe for bait, Officer Summit knew better. All three of the subjects are well-known by Fish and Wildlife Officers in the area, and have been cited multiple times for numerous fish and wildlife violations. In this instance, the subjects were cited for Criminal Trespassing 2nd Degree, Failing to submit catch for inspection, Possession of salmon eggs w/o carcass, 1st degree over limit salmon, harvesting salmon in a closed area, snagging salmon, and wasting salmon. Their fishing gear was also seized for forfeiture.

Great work, Officer Summit!
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>> No. 33924
Still waiting Colin, let's hear how that was legal. I like a good story. I'm sure the warden was just picking on you upstanding citizens that just happen to have several prior violations to your names.
>> No. 33925
Do we have a last name for Colin?
>> No. 33929
I believe he is Colin Yahatcock

I will deploy this soldier so we can defile your local run next.
>> No. 35002
Did someone say Treat was involved with this? Did they release the names?
>> No. 35003
No he thought the carcasses were too chrome for fertilizer.

File 141831796116.jpg - (54.39KB , 1105x823 , pp-down.jpg )
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I have brought down PP's forum, Paker really should keep his security patches updated.
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>> No. 34971
Even the bottom feeders on Cryfish are asking what happened to PP,
>> No. 34974
back online faglords
>> No. 34975
There seems to be some threads missing from the darkside.
>> No. 35037
It's back down again.
>> No. 35039
Todd~Mod is fucking that place up! Why Bob uses Todd is beyondme.

File 141850589886.jpg - (49.66KB , 450x300 , image.jpg )
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Are you too stupid too find a guide yourself? Then call Corey he will find one for you! Providing client placement and booking service for professional fishing guides as well as reviews, information and guide directory for Washington State. http://www.yourfishingandhuntingguideconnection.com
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>> No. 34964
What the fuck is the point to this? I could Google a gay guide. Am I missing something or is this another j Snyder trying to capitalize on a resource and doing nothing for work or to give back.
>> No. 34965
Ha...exactly what I was thinking too about the Snyder bit! What tools, see the resource exploited and all the other shithawks infesting everything but yet they want to say ME TOO. ...Snyder probably writes his gas off to his employer, saw him in a company vehicle last time..boss would love that shit
>> No. 34966
So I have to call this worthless fuck to get a hold of another worthless fuck? I see he will find you a motel too because using Google or even a phone book is too advanced for most individuals. JFC
>> No. 34967
OMG wat a gr8 service! Can I order from twitter? #OMGfishing
>> No. 34976
Can you help me book a trip with swannysfishing?

I have it on good authority that he produces results no matter what it takes.

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