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File 142672952651.jpg - (12.39KB , 259x194 , wynoocheefalls.jpg )
35931 No. 35931 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
7400 access has been gated off and when I called the company they said they aren't allowing access anymore.
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>> No. 36207
Read the fine print between the timber company and the state.
>> No. 36208
I get it. I have heard the argument a thousand times "they can charge as long as access it left open" loophole. It's a terrible situation. Rich or poor, shouldn't we all be on the same page on this? Who wants to pay more to fish in this state? Really? I can't understand the position of "charge more so less people can have access" sh!t. Fishing (at least bank fishing) used to be an equal opportunity sport. If you had the gear and a permit you could fish, rich or poor. The lawyer and the mill worker could fish next to each other peacefully (and still can). We are all fishermen it should be a fairly level playing field. Damn elitist.
>> No. 36209
>If you get a license and punch card, you are entitled to fish legally in our state.

You are entitled to fish legally with a license but this is not a license to trespass on other people's property.

>They are supposed to keep access open for recreation in exchange for a low tax rate.

You are completely wrong about there being any tax deal between the timber companies and the state in exchange for open access. If you would look to your property tax statement and see where your property tax goes, it goes to schools, libraries, fire districts and other local government services that people use, but timberland owners do not because nobody lives there. If you look at the tax statement of a timberland property instead of paying for residential services they pay for forest patrol, a different, usually DNR, fire district that fights forest fires and not house fires and maybe a weed control district as well--it ends up being much less than residential property. So residential property owners are taxed to pay for services local residents use and forest property owners are taxed to pay for services their forests use.

Timberland owners not only pay property taxes, but also pay a stumpage fee when timber is cut, excise taxes, B&O taxes and presumably sales taxes on the supplies and materials. So it's not that the timberland is not taxed, it is just that it is taxed mostly when cut, not when standing. If it were taxed when standing there would be more pressure to cut more often and we'd get more pulpwood plantations with smaller trees. So our taxation regime, which mostly taxes timberlands when they are cut, encourages timber owners to leave trees standing for long periods of time. Also, if timberlands were taxed at a residential rate, our private timber industry would no longer exist because it would be too expensive to grow trees, just look at Japan's timber industry. Another point to keep in mind that our private timberlands compete in the market against publicly owned timberlands that pay no taxes.

>We do have an entitlement as residence of
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>> No. 36210
How many rivers would you say you fish every year? Different rivers and different access points? Let's say 10 (five rivers two access points) you have to pay $200 for each access point, are you still doing it? $2000 a year? I doubt you or 90% of people would. What if you only liked floating a certain river one time a year?

I'm not saying you or anyone else should pay for my normal fees and gas or gear. That's always been. I can't afford a Calcutta and loomis but I can afford a Abu Garcia and a okuma. I can't afford a boat but I can buy some waders and boots. That's the only place in fishing the amount of money you make should make a difference. Not with access. I'm a conservative. Not s liberal. But I think shutting down access for people who can't afford it is crossing a line. The only reason to shut down the 7400 line is 100% a financial. The trash isn't that bad. The majority of people I know that fish there don't leave trash and a lot of us even pick some up from time to time. I told a guy to move his rig last time I was up there when the signs went up, he got all bent out of shape and told me he had to drive four hours to get there and he "doesn't give a fuck what the sign said, I'm in a hurry and want to get fishing." Damn out of towner piece of shit. So I guess they have beef with stupid Seattle guys parking infront of the gate. But they could have solved that by giving out some tickets. Next thing you know the access to all our favorite non discover pass places will be shut down or be pay out the ass to play also. Everyone crammed into Schafer park, black creek and other already packed out places. Just watch. Well I guess you will be happy paying your money to float from 7400 to white bridge and maybe see on other boat. While all us other people are trying to find a place to squeeze our bobbers in. But you know it's only fair that the timber companies exercise their rights? Isn't it? Fucking retarded.
>> No. 36211
>People are so funny how they feel entitled to what another owns and has worked their ass off to acquire.
>If you want access buy it.
>If not shut up.

Highest bidding corporation that worked it's ass off wins again...? Fuck the stockholders that live in Arkadelphia, go where you want when you want and leave it up to them to catch up.

Prosecuting trespassers seems like a small priority in today's society, if ten minutes of enforcement and court time is spent on this shit that's ten minutes 2many.

File 142264475019.jpg - (29.62KB , 249x250 , steelhead-hunter.jpg )
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Today I while sitting at my work bench and I decided to get out the fishing gear and give it a good going over. As I was polishing of my rods and oiling up the reels, I couldn't help but think about last year's Salmon season. A few years back, I had heard about this great Chinook fishing spot and it has become my number one go to spot for Kings. As soon as the season opens, I'm running down there every day scoping out the place looking to see if anything is coming up.

Well low and behold one mourning just before sun up, I went down to scout it out. Suddenly the creek came to life, and a bunch of big ole' Kings started splashing and sloshing around after having been spooked from their resting place. My heart started pounding as I realized the run was on. I ran back to my car as fast as I could grabbed my gear and headed toward the mouth of the creek.

I was beautiful. On the first cast Whammy! fish on, then another and another. It happened so fast, I barely had time to revel in the glory. Within 20 Minutes I had my limit. Three beautiful bright Kings, from the top of the run. After I looked up proudly from my catch, I realize that there wasn't a single person in site. I was standing at the top of a huge King Salmon run all alone. There wasn't even one person ask to take my picture with my recently attained trophy's.

For a second I was at a cross roads, You see at that moment and time I had that entire run all to myself. Do I tell anyone, or do I hold off and fish it a couple days before I put the word out? What would you do?


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>> No. 36168
Got five more sign ups just today! The only challenged anglers that use my service are the one that are busy because they actually work for living and find value in the time and money they save using the Lunker's Guide service.

You fine gentlemen already know your spots, know the timing and don't need the service, but there are thousands of people who do am I will be letting them all know when the fish are in.

You guys can play the hate card all you want but that won't change the fact that people love my site and the service we provide. Lunker's Guide is here to stay. My site has pretty much caught up with Gamefishin and PP.

Pretty soon I'll catch wa lakes and wa fly but your kind will always remain the same a bunch of haters! Oh! Buy the way I just formed a Corporation and will be taking the sport fishing industry by storm. The Lunker is now Lunker Inc.
>> No. 36169
I have also incorporated and will be doing guided trips on the Skok. Are you looking for new advertisers because Dumper Inc. is now in business.
>> No. 36173
Yeah, so is steelhead mafia inc. Along with steelhead mafia llc.
>> No. 36190
Lumpy got 5 more sign ups.
That's $30 more to spend at the all
you can consume buffet. They call him
shade cause when he stands up he blots out
the sun. He has more chins than a Chinese
phone book. His waders are made by Omar
the Tent Maker.
>> No. 36203
Her lunker, put anything cool up your ass lately?

File 142785322179.jpg - (10.61KB , 149x150 , image.jpg )
36192 No. 36192 hide quickreply [Reply]
Went out to the satsop river on Sunday and fished upstream from the bridge at Schaefer state park. Saw a few fish jumping and no one else fishing. Tried my luck with a gold spoon ended catching a really nice 20" cutthroat. No steelhead bites on the spoon so switched to float and jig but couldn't entice any bites with that either. Waded upstream where the river gets a bit more shallow and spotted few fish. Tied on a #3 gold blue fox spinner and cast upstream of the fish. The cast was perfect and the spinner swung right in front of a small native steelhead buck. Wasnt the biggest steelhead I've seen but it was my first native and it fought like heck. All in all a good day. Both fish released and swam off strong.

>> No. 36195
Nice, catching spawners on the redd. Classy. Closed waters to boot, get it, boot.
>> No. 36196
Leave the snakes alone!
>> No. 36199
We have all the makings here that you need to be a true walakes member. Fishing closed waters, fishing redds, mishandling of steelhead and a super snake glory shot.
>> No. 36200
What was his name and did anyone get a screen shot of it?
>> No. 36202
I'm tired of these motherfucking snakes on the motherfucking Internet.

File 142697914655.jpg - (175.14KB , 780x818 , JAGV3.jpg )
35999 No. 35999 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
This one not my fault.

It was up on Digg and it got yanked which is rare. Todd the mod and a few others read it before it went down.

Don't judge him until you read it all...
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>> No. 36065
Well I didn't get to bang his sister either but I'm not throwing a fit about it.
>> No. 36066
Instead of going to the mall, just go down the hall. Good on ya, Mitch!
>> No. 36067
What a great read. Fish chan is back! FYI, gorilla warfare is when you beat your chest and not even monkeys are scared
>> No. 36069
Does anyone else find it weird that Gianna chose Michaels for her porn last name and it's the closest real last name to Mitchael? It's almost like she named her porn career after him. That's a memorable fuck, good job tiger!
>> No. 36172
How is that lawsuit coming?

File 142773927123.jpg - (77.37KB , 711x711 , 11059254_839952702753529_8766214044258810985_n.jpg )
36159 No. 36159 hide quickreply [Reply]
My chromebrite steelhead l caught the other day, it's going into the smoker. Nice red meat.
>> No. 36160
nice fish!
>> No. 36166
Nice March snake.
>> No. 36170
Chrome bright is relative. This guy would be a respected member of Washington lakes, a chrome bright fish there is anything that doesn't have fungus patches.

File 142775532614.jpg - (168.19KB , 633x534 , image.jpg )
36161 No. 36161 hide quickreply [Reply]
We Killed it over the weekend.
>> No. 36162
sweet fish
>> No. 36165
Beads are for queers!
>> No. 36167
Meh, he ain't too bad of guy. Just a bit headstrong sometimes

File 142775702094.jpg - (86.27KB , 800x600 , nb1000sCRC.jpg )
36163 No. 36163 hide quickreply [Reply]
Don't forget to get your new 2015 license before April 1st or at least before your next fishing trip. Catch record cards are due back to WDFW by April 30.

Pic related, it's nb1000's crc.
>> No. 36164
Been fishing since 87. Never returned a catch card yet.

File 142617487477.jpg - (83.97KB , 419x700 , threadsaver.jpg )
35864 No. 35864 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
I know I've promised this before...


...but I've finally quit giving a shit about this site, and so has everyone else. So why leave it going?

The whole point of this site was to mock Big Daddy and troll gamefishin and now that Big Daddy gave up, it's time to declare victory and move on.

Pic is threadsaver.
24 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 35941
Anyway the reason I was working on a second forum, is that you really need to have several sites to make any decent advertising money. Since you've already got a site, picking up a few more is a smart move.
>> No. 35942
Just sell your gay hook-up site now to one of these fags, fag.
>> No. 36068
so you made wa fagfishers? fag
>> No. 36094
I currently have five other sites in development that already rank but I haven't went public with yet. I have invested in some serious internet real estate all geared towards the fishing industry. These site are some of my best work and are specifically designed to overtake WA Lakes and WA Fly.
>> No. 36116
Save your pennies. A yard full of diazinon might be headed your way soon

File 142730478162.jpg - (96.27KB , 640x480 , fishing-pond.jpg )
36072 No. 36072 hide quickreply [Reply]
Total newb here, so be gentle. Went fishing for the first time in over a decade (I'm 25) over the weekend. I spent most of the day snagging all kinds of shit on the bottom as I attempted poorly to fish.

How do you keep from losing lures and hooks when fishing freshwater? I wasn't using a bobber... since my reel is a spinner, I had rigged: weight -> swivel -> lead -> hook with worm / jig / jig with worm

whats the trick for winter planted rainbow trout in a lake/reservoir? I just get a shit ton of algae and grass from the bottom, and the nightcrawler doesn't seem to ever get bit, the one time it did it was a bass and not a trout.

I have no idea what the hell I'm doing but it felt good to get out and fish.
>> No. 36075
Use a bobber so your gear isn't on the bottom.
>> No. 36076
I always thought using a bobber was little kids stuff.
>> No. 36079
>bobber was little kids stuff.

There's some excellent fisherman who have stooped to kids stuff tactics to catch fish. Dave Veddor being a classic example of this. That dickweed even went as far as writing 2 books on how to bob a jig. It's got to the point these days that every moron with a fishing license carries 3 float rods at a time.
>> No. 36083
Yeah well little kids outfish me all the time, so when you can't beat them*, join them.

* I totally could beat the shit out of them, probably several at once but I mean legally. Stupid laws.

File 142687309844.jpg - (61.58KB , 421x572 , possible-manbearpig-sighting.jpg )
35965 No. 35965 hide quickreply [Reply]
Possible manbearpig sighting in Eastern Washington. Does anyone know if Joe guides over on the dryside?
>> No. 35975
Looks about right.
>> No. 35983
That ain't me bro, funny shit though.

Thanks, Manbearpig

Check your watch nigga it's my time ... Open your eyes I'm a blessing in disguise!
>> No. 36023
why take picture of me?

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