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File 140955419023.jpg - (165.32KB , 850x637 , IMG_1166RSD.jpg )
33307 No. 33307 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Came across these fat dickheads today on a local river. Every rod was rigged with those ignorant Clear drift floats. Even the sporting CDF wearables. These 2 Dickweeds looked like the Nascar drivers. Then as I was leaving and walking out guess what I find? The Nascar driver's rigs. You guessed it they look like trucks from Nascar. Nothing says I took a activity I enjoy and made myself look like a complete ass in the process. Only thing missing from this truck was a Confederate Flag.

These 2 guys have no class!
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>> No. 33321
The real fat one had this ridiculous huge knife he was wearing also. Basically from what I saw from these 2 numb sculls, they could be from the sticks of hillbilly land. Total Clampets!
>> No. 33322
Though I agree the truck looks retarded, I know these guys and can vouch for the fact they would most likely stomp drunken hookup smooth out. Not sure which one is the fatass you are referring to.
>> No. 33323
...and you are correct, they are from Kelso.
>> No. 33324
File 140959331573.jpg - (35.60KB , 300x217 , steelheadmafia365.jpg )
This fatass right here.
>> No. 33326
These fat fucks are perfect candidates for a bit of diesel in the tank or flattened tires. Can't anybody fish nowadays without a commanding attention or starting a fucking jig business.

File 140842247688.jpg - (119.93KB , 640x640 , firstsilver2014.jpg )
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First trip to the river this season and first puke report of the year. Still waiting for the nookies to show up? But, broke the ice for fall silvers this year already, so not bad. Let the slaying begin!
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>> No. 33283
If angry local isn't watching George Strait`s final show on the television and drinking whiskey he is fucking blowing it.
>> No. 33284
Jesus, sorry about that. I hit the sauce pretty hard yesterday. It was my day to have the kids and the ex was jerking me around and didn't show, so I hit the steel reserve pretty hard. I'm sincerely sorry if I offended any racial groups. I mean I'm still serious about the individuals that I called out but I don't want people to think I'm completely racist. It's not a race thing, it's an actions thing, and these guys just happen to be asian. Trust me there are white guys I hate just as much, but I probably wouldn't have singled them out as a honkey group or something, white trash maybe. Anyway the local apologizes for his racial rant, I don't know what got into me other than a fifth of southern comfort 100 and 4-5 talls of steel reserve. It's no excuse. I hate everyone equally, its just old habits are hard to break. For instance I didn't even know Jap was a derogatory term till I took that diversity class at Penninsul College. Hell, that class probably made me more racist.
>> No. 33290
>> No. 33291
File 140942740047.jpg - (43.56KB , 606x366 , anothersummerchinook.jpg )
Another morning in paradise...
>> No. 33325
nice fish!

File 140941774849.jpg - (66.84KB , 443x602 , lewisriversteel.jpg )
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I'm 4-2 on the steelhead this year so far. Hooked 6 and landed 4. Pretty stoked on this one tho, had to trek through a bunch of sticker bushes and get wet for this guy. Good times.
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>> No. 33302
She's changing her look so she can sneak up on Bob.
>> No. 33304
I can deal with giant earlobes as long as there is no flat brimmed hat.
>> No. 33306
What about a flat brim hat and no giant earlobes?
>> No. 33316
Flat brims are for dorks.
>> No. 33320
Nothing wrong with flat brims and ear holes. But those bitches are fucking huge!

File 140839271549.jpg - (162.97KB , 640x640 , justreleased.jpg )
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Real time report: Just caught and released this native steelhead on my local crick. I was using a prawn under a bobber.
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>> No. 33295
I fucking it, Keith. Do something.
>> No. 33296
*did it
>> No. 33299
>I fucking it, Keith. Do something.

Did anyone else read that in a drunken slur?
>> No. 33303
Definitely drunk behavior to correct your own grammatical error. Good call.
>> No. 33305
I wrote that last comment, not anon.

File 140894385169.jpg - (77.44KB , 599x606 , goodnight.jpg )
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Good night on the river! Finally hooked up with bobber and egg. As soon as the sun goes down it's on FIRE!
>> No. 33216
Nice fish!
>> No. 33301
File 140950172070.jpg - (66.91KB , 607x475 , productive.jpg )
Another productive night on the river...

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  What a great summer steelhead season spent with good friends. Fast and furious action from the opener to the middle of the month. Can't wait
for next season! Watch in HD and enjoy the action! Fish on!

File 140934632352.jpg - (18.01KB , 333x250 , wdfw-violation.jpg )
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People fishing without a license or other minor fishing violations are not being prosecuted in Snohomish County. The Snohomish County Prosecutor's Office has told wildlife officers it will no longer prosecute second degree recreational fishing crimes.

That includes violations such as fishing in closed areas, violating limits, illegally hooking, failure to record catches, etc… Everett Fishing Store owner John Martinis reviewed dozens of cases rejected by the Prosecutor's Office and said it's a decision that can lead to serious problems for salmon and crab...

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>> No. 33272
A miniscule amount of waters are enforced any damn way. Especially this time of year. I'm sure posting this on Fishchan will not attract shit bag outside of the law types to the fishery. We are a politically active group. Just kidding.
>> No. 33273
Looks like I'm heading North to fish. Been looking for another river to shit up now that the Skok is dying down.
>> No. 33275
Ybd, that's exactly why HOG is. Born of the negligent wdfw, and the apathy of the state. The river is ours, we must protect it one ass kicking at a time.
>> No. 33276
Too bad they don't do this in Skokomish County but still, I'll be fishing the Snohomish now for sure.
>> No. 33280
The Skokomish is in Mason county you idiot! There is no Skokomish county ya fucking toolshed.

File 140935655061.jpg - (103.89KB , 640x480 , CohoSalmon.jpg )
33277 No. 33277 hide quickreply [Reply]
Marine Areas 2, 3 and 4 to include wild coho in the two salmon daily limit
Action: In Catch Record Card Areas 2, 3, and 4 the daily limit will change to allow retention of wild coho in the two salmon daily limit.
Effective dates: Sept, 1, 2014
Species affected: Coho salmon
Location: Catch Record Card Area 2 (Westport) Area 3 (LaPush) and Area 4 (Neah Bay).
Reason for action: Enough quota remains in each ocean sport sub-area coho quota to allow wild coho retention as part of the daily limit in Areas 2, 3 and 4.
Other information: Area 1 (Ilwaco) will remain a selective fishery for coho.


File 140915723135.jpg - (105.75KB , 604x609 , what-is-this-fish.jpg )
33218 No. 33218 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
This was caught on a Columbia River tributary, looks to me to be a steelhead but it has a big hump like it swallowed a baseball. Is this a steehead-humpie hybrid? A steelhumpie?
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>> No. 33253
You can always tell a Nate post by the abundance of (....) between sentences and in place of commas.
>> No. 33254
>> No. 33257
Hey guys all the captain hook stuff aside, what do you think of the fish. I'm even more convinced that it is a steelhead humpy hybrid. Look at the small scales.
>> No. 33266
It is a pink-cutthroat hybrid... sometimes out by my old cabin on Hood Canal they can reach sizes of over 4lbs...
>> No. 33269
Seems like there is confusion. I'm not capt hook, evo, or treat I am an entirely different dick, so don't be an asshole

File 140925049848.jpg - (26.33KB , 513x460 , 625455_337479559730412_1907322028_n.jpg )
33238 No. 33238 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Its almost that time! As the month of September draws closer around 300,000 Coho are making there way to the Snohomish river system. These snappy, hard fighting fish make for days of easy limits and sore arms. This is my favorite time of the year and some of my favorite fish to target. Double hook ups are very common. I am going to start running trips for these Hawgs on September 22nd and run them through October. Now is the perfect time to secure those weekends, or even a week day at a discounted rate. These trips will be 8-10 hours and be $185 per person with kids always being free (under 16). I look forward to fishing with everyone!

BROmar, Ill give you a special discount
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>> No. 33250
It's garage weed, get it straight. Any guide that won't let me burn on his boat is a sissy.
>> No. 33258
It has the fully enclosed cabin, we could hot box the shit outta that thing
>> No. 33260
Pm sent, can I bring my bong?
>> No. 33261
As long as its over 3 feet. And you sign the waiver and stay outta my Cheetoes
>> No. 33262
Fuck, no cheetos! I'll still go.

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