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File 14164386105.jpg - (24.88KB , 324x395 , 150711_370343716466182_2081516428060649653_n.jpg )
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Has anyone ever experimented with weed smoked salmon? I'm thinking about smoking all my fish and wondering what works best, as far as using weed to smoke fish. My weed brownies are the bombs. It's a worse case Ontario right? So any suggestions?
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>> No. 34593
Better looking human. I could watch her fish all day.
>> No. 34596

Use the hash as a brine, then smoke the fish
>> No. 34605
I have to bump the picture on this thread. I love this girl's hips and whole package. She might be the cure for erectile dysfunction. I didn't notice till now she is fishing a vossler reel. Oh what class and ass. She looks as tight as the tolerances on that vossler s3.
>> No. 34611
>> No. 34619
At walakes we find photos such as this one here to be highly offensive along with very eewy and icky. Yuck!

File 141651963759.jpg - (171.36KB , 640x640 , tilton35lbking.jpg )
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Check out this knarly 35 pound king from the Tilton. It's in the smoker right now.
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>> No. 34614
Im eating dinner in my room, so I can watch hawg quest with my dick out.
>> No. 34615
You guys are all wrong. That is an Arctic char. I catch those with ease on the Skagit while fishing Nate Treats secret spawn sack cure while targeting phone numbers from cute guys.
2014 Season Stats
Sucked off Mike Carey 4 times
Made out with Gringo at the Cable Hole
Had Real Priority be my 6 while I was his 12 three times
69 with Brat Bonker while Bodofish dirty sanchez me once
Mounted Nate Treat on the bow of his pavati 14 while he flossed fertalizer for his garden 14 times.

Owner of HookLips Guide Service
>> No. 34616
File 141654820377.jpg - (43.20KB , 250x250 , 141608825873s.jpg )
>> No. 34617
Is that god's cock?
>> No. 34618
Nice fish. Pretty chrome!

File 141608825873.jpg - (118.56KB , 450x450 , nate-treat-loves-the-cock-too.jpg )
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Hey guys, Nate Treat here, I just went out and caught this huge one! Now booking trip for giant dongers!
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>> No. 34550
I thought it was nateevohooks was the "lawn artist"

Does KK do the morning show till say around 2?
>> No. 34551
My vote goes for Nate Treat by a long shot. And that's saying something considering his who he is running against.
>> No. 34552

KK at least has a job, it's the dumbest job in existence, being a lawn jockey, but at least it is 1000x better than being an unemployed mooch living in his mom's trailer.


I hate nb1000 but at least nb1000 doesn't poach boots, bonk nates or guide, which puts him above treat in my book.
>> No. 34562
>> No. 34610

File 141541755374.jpg - (125.55KB , 498x525 , image.jpg )
34268 No. 34268 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Im a fat slob that's into poaching, flossing and being a complete dirtbag and there's nothing that you or WDFW can do about it. Nate Treat and his esteemed group of attorneys have my back so deal with it.
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>> No. 34598
Jizmo, you are quite the poaching tool. If I see you on the river I might have to practice some of the boxing I did in my younger days at Oxford.
>> No. 34599
Who's going. To mike Cary's talk at three rivers tonite?
>> No. 34601
I'd go but I'm busy that night watching my foreskin grow dick cheese.
>> No. 34604
>>34599 JFC really what is that fucker gonna talk about? How to shop for shoes matching your nurse get up and harboring poachers?
>> No. 34609
Is Nate and Him giving another one of those presentations on bobber dogging with their Dick Nites?

File 141627910998.jpg - (146.35KB , 720x1277 , IMAG0050.jpg )
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Hit da river and it was 20 degrees, my truck slid all the way down the icy boat launch but once my truck actually slid into the river it finally stopped. I shat only a bit in my shorts and my nippes were hard as ice. It was an exciting way to start the day but as soon as the sun hit the water my beer gut came out. Nailed few coho, didn't even bother to gut them, I simply said "get in mah belly" and ate the thing whole, now it's guts are in my gut.

Pic related, it's my gut.
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>> No. 34590
Many of you dip shits may not know this. This guy in the image is guy of RVRFSHR. Not Todd~Mod but the original owner. This pic is very rare indeed. The owner of RVRFISHR refused to have his pic taken for fear his face being made public. Sad the irony huh?
>> No. 34591
Figures, by the look of him he's never done a lick of work in his life. Fuck this fat fuck. He is offensive. I forwarded this to a Muslim nation and they hate America even more because of this image, and I don't blame them. Someone please eliminate this drain on the gene pool. He needs to become garden fertilizer. He makes me sick. Yes, I am prejudice against fat useless fucks.
>> No. 34592
File 141646765752.jpg - (26.61KB , 395x395 , 1656070_10152025760693402_1358386935_n.jpg )
Body by Rockstar!
>> No. 34594
And why do I give a shit? A Proud, useless, fat fuck is just that.
>> No. 34607

This looks more like Smokey, the weekend fc moderator, with a beard to me.

File 141628466985.png - (356.70KB , 365x395 , FCdouschbags.png )
34544 No. 34544 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
There's plenty of scumbags here. Anyone recognize these Fishchaners?

These 2 scumbags need to be caught, they broke into a house in Jefferson Co. someone knows who they are......they were caught on a deer cam. So if you know them do the right thing or next time it may be you or a family members house they hit next.
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>> No. 34547
Looks like you're a couple of hand holding fags, fag.
>> No. 34564
File 141629598558.jpg - (33.38KB , 384x384 , image.jpg )
Anyone who spends their time calling people homosexual most likely is a homosexual.
>> No. 34584
I never call anyone a homosexual, but you'd have realized that if you weren't a fag, fag.
>> No. 34585
File 141644864539.jpg - (26.01KB , 512x287 , image.jpg )
A fag is a homosexual and a homosexual is a fag. And you are an idiot.
>> No. 34597
  No, there is a difference. A homosexual is someone who has sex in their bedroom behind closed doors like a normal heterosexual person, it just happens to be with the same gender. A fag is someone, homosexual or heterosexual, that is out in the streets in assless chaps, waving a rainbow flag, distributing instructions on having safe anal sex to to little kids, yelling "we're here, we're queer, get used to it."

Being a faggot has nothing to do with being gay, Louis CK has some words to say on this subject...

File 141572698035.jpg - (107.68KB , 500x336 , mantrain.jpg )
34322 No. 34322 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
I snuck into a WashingtonLakes.com moderator meeting and brought back this pic as proof.
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>> No. 34573
>And if anyone goes on WaLakes you will notice I am no longer a sponsor or anything on that site, so they no longer allow me to attend the "mod meetings" :(

They didn't ban you for posting on Fishchan did they? Working on any new tunes?
>> No. 34574
Being done with Washington lakes is a positive thing. Its an embarrassment to be a part of
>> No. 34575
Brianna Bruce is your leak.
>> No. 34576
That bitch has spilt the bean more than once. I almost felt bad making her cry on the humptulips the other year but her and her bf are fucking idiot whore mongers who just won't shut the fuck up, and thats really out there if If it's too much for my pill popping ass
>> No. 34586
Briannas family was part of the clan that had both male and female sex organs. Her name is actually Brian.

File 141611388029.jpg - (97.94KB , 337x746 , sparo.jpg )
34470 No. 34470 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Sup Fishchan, what's going on today...
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 34505
What is with all the homosexual stuff? I'm a little put off.
>> No. 34512
The Chan is on fire!
>> No. 34515
>What is with all the homosexual stuff? I'm a little put off.

It's quite simple to explain. This site has the most classless forms of degenerates. It's a simple expectation to see the 7th grade gay insults and photoshops.
>> No. 34516

And yet still funny because of the truth behind it, err, behind nate that is
>> No. 34549
You're either British or gay if you're "put off," but let's keep it real, you're a fag, fag.

File 141617370538.jpg - (131.81KB , 720x960 , IMG_402710904503075.jpg )
34474 No. 34474 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Stupid fucking good with what he calls a "chrome" kinger poached from the hump.
See him and smear shit on his vehicle or person
9 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 34508
Then why do you appear like such a tool.
>> No. 34514
Because he IS a fucking tool, jesus, ain't it obvious?

Right down to the stupid look at me hold on the dead fish he released into the back of his honda
>> No. 34521
Im going to hit all the costal rivers and post locations on all facebooks groups. Fuck you
>> No. 34522
Then your days are numbered fool
>> No. 34524
you foolz cuz im going to hire nate treat to fish the olympic peninsula. Ima post me killin a native steelhead. So fuck me fuck you

File 141619722047.jpg - (50.35KB , 641x470 , OffTheField-JayBuhner15.jpg )
34487 No. 34487 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Any Bass fishermen in here? I'm looking for a fun time on the lake or river. We can drive my new truck to the basshole.
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 34501
cause chum salmon that have beat all odds and were snagged by the fucking usual suspects were just willing players and are good for a garden. FUCk YOU WALAKES SNAGGERS
>> No. 34509
Hey Mallard, why don't you stay focused on the original post instead the incoherant rambling you just wrote about some other website, you stupid drunk fuck.

Trucks, trucks, and MORE trucks!!!!
>> No. 34510
I'm still here Bone. you mad yet?
>> No. 34513
Nah, I'm over it. Wanna go fishing?
>> No. 34520
let's go!

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