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File 129546362977.jpg - (218.16KB , 1040x780 , plunking-for-winter-steelhead.jpg )
74 No. 74
When the rivers are high and just start to drop back into shape but are still too high for standard fishing techniques, plunking can knock them out. If you are an old fart like me, you can plunk as your standard method and catch fish while sitting on your butt. Most of the best places to plunk tend to be in the lower river. Since your offering is not traveling in the river the most important thing is to be in the fish lane.

Here is the top 10 list of Washington rivers to plunk. Rankings take into consideration: smolt counts, previous catch report data and popularity with plunkers.

1. Cowlitz River - The Cowlitz has fish running every month of the year. Camelot near Castle Rock is popular with plunkers year round although people plunk all the way to Barrier Dam.

2. Snohomish River - There are lots of places to plunk the lower Snohomish, one of the best is at Thomas Eddy near the Bob Heirman Wildlife Preserve in the town of Snohomish. All the fish that return to the Skykomish and Snoqualmie have to swim through the Snohomish. People plunk both of these rivers as well, try the Lewis Street bridge on the Skykomish or the mouth of Tokul Creek on the Snoqualmie. The Snohomish is best in December to January, while the tribs remain good through February.

3. Skagit River - The lower Skagit in the Mt. Vernon area has always been popular with plunkers. There is a gravel bar right in town you can plunk off. Best times are December to February.

4. Lewis River - People plunk it from the mouth all the way up to the hatchery. December to February are best times.

5. Stillaguamish River - There are several gravel bars in the Sylvania area frequented by plunkers. Best times are December to February.

6. Quillayute River - Plunk the lower Quillayute off of Richwine road December through March. The Bogachiel is popular with plunkers at the Tall Timbers or Goodman Mainline Bridge.

7. Wynoochee River - There are a bunch of small pullouts to plunk, or try the Black Creek area. Best December through March.

8. Nooksack River - Try the hole right at the forks near Deming. Best December through February.

9. Kalama River - Best spots to plunk are right below the lower hatchery or right below Mahaffey's Campground. Good December through March.

10. Hoh River - Allen's Bar is just south of the 101 bridge, is a good spot to plunk.

Don't let bad weather stop you, when the rivers just start to drop get out there and plunk.
>> No. 75
dont give away my zipperlip!
>> No. 76
stfu... this is a decent post.
>> No. 77
what about the puyallup? i seen guys plunk there.
>> No. 78
The puyallup is closed dude.
>> No. 79
Taking into account catch data, the Puyallup is toast. Years ago, it was good winter steelhead fishing and a bunch were taken by plunkers. However, very few fish return to that river.
>> No. 80
but plunking used to be the main way to fish on the puyallup...
>> No. 81
Used to be.... Key words fool.
>> No. 82
fishing the lower river is boring as shit, id much rather fish higher up, and higher up, plunking would be a stupid idea....
>> No. 83
The lower river is pretty much a giant diked ditch.
>> No. 84
I love them giant dike bitches!

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